Monday, February 23, 2015

little fault lines

little fault lines

Henry felt a bit shaky, lately. It was true, he had no idea what he might do. Oh how, he hated the new meds. It was a struggle everyday. A part of him felt as if he were staggering from day today. And then he'd get upset. It was best if he stayed to himself when he could, but there were the expectations of work and he did his best to be his old self.

It was like a daily acting gig. Once his four hours were over at the desk, he was exhausted. But then again, every moment felt like an act, which he hoped he wouldn't panic, but he never really knew what to expect.

While he was talking about his most infamous seizure to date with his ex-boyfriend's photoshoot, the whole group burst into laughter.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" He shouted thinking he might go into a knee-jerking bender right here in the basement of the hospital. He didn't even know why he went to this support group, anyway.

But the giggling teenage girls were full of laughter even if they were all in the same boat. It really hurt, to listen to himself. Why couldn't anyone be on his side?

"Henry is right." Finally the counselor Landon spoke up for him. Honestly, Henry hated the fact that he did find Landon so attractive. After all, Landon was his counselor, but his intense dark eyes among other desirable parts always left Henry a little distracted. Oh, he did try to listen, but it was awful hard.

Henry was certain if he stood up, he would be dizzy and perhaps collapse on the floor. Then they'd all be amused at his would be seizure. He held on to the metal edges of the chair hoping nothing would escape of his fangirl feelings for the twenty-something year old counselor.

Everyone went to pig out on the little potluck of sandwiches and chips after the meeting, but Henry stayed put.

"You know, there is this new surgery. an implant for the brain, to subside the seizures." Landon then mentioned.

"Really?' Henry looked up at Landon. "Would? Would I have to shave my head?"

"No." Landon assured him. He touched the side of his neck where the implant would go. It tickled Henry, he slightly shook with laughter.

"It might help." Landon was even lipped as if he never faulter to any folly.

Henry nodded, thinking of the phrase..."It might help." But there was no certainty.


Launna said...

I hope Henry can find some relief from the seizures... I worry about invasive surgery though... if it is safe, it might be worth a try ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope this helps Henry.


Sara Gerard said...

A big decision!

deb said...

I hope Henry will try.