Sunday, February 22, 2015

twisting through the galaxy

Twisting through the galaxy

Syreeta did her best to ignore Clive, but then his co-worker looked a little cozy with him. She hated looking over Keith's shoulder, but she couldn't help it.

Yes. This was love. In bloom, with Keith. Thoughtful Keith. Who not only gave her roses for Valentines day, but her mother too. Which actually threw her father into a fit (evidently, he'd forgotten Valentines Day was Syreeta's first thought). Her dad was certain that Keith was up to something.

But Syreeta didn't see it that way. He was just wonderful. Absolutely. And she wasn't sure if she deserved him. Of course, that didn't stop her from being with him.

Yes. It happened. She'd given up the V card, for him. In fact, on Valentines day.

No, didn't happen at a 4 star hotel. Not even a night of dancing.

They'd had some fast food. Then this little party of some old ex-band mate of his. She'd held a beer and stayed quiet. Finally, by midnight, they left. Ended up in his old van on a cold and icy night.

She'd never shivered so, but remembered how much she'd craved for him to keep her warm.

He said she was the best he'd ever had.

She thought of his words now as she bit into a tasteless fry. Syreeta didn't really know if she was completely on board with this, but a part of her felt she had to be. A chill seized  her. She hugged his old sweater harder around her. His smell of musk and Mentos was her smell now.

She didn't want to believe she'd thrown her life away, just like her father kept insisting, but what if he were right?


Launna said...

Our parents don't always know what is right... sometimes we have to go with our decisions and live with the consequences as they come... that is what being an adult is about xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

She absolutely cannot allow her father to mess with her head like that!


runners said...

You really captured how we go around so many thoughts in our minds in the early days of a relationship. Brings me right back..... and that was over 25yrs ago!!! lol well written my friend. :)
ps also love the name Syreeta, I have never heard it before. :)

Anonymous said...

Princeton! :D *fangirling*