Saturday, February 21, 2015

The powers that be

The Powers That Be

Clive wanted to be so cold. But there was Keith ordering for Syreeta, as well as for himself, and she looked away as if she didn't even know him.

Clive sucked in a breath, but he said his daily spill as he was drilled to do. "Can I maximize that for you?"

"Why not." Keith's grin was just a little too pretentious for Clive. He watched Keith drop his twenty on the counter. Clive picked up the money and went on with the order. He so hoped they would not eat here. He wasn't sure if he could stand it.

Clive hurried with the drinks and got the fry order out, along with the the double decker meat pattie burgers. Seriously, he hoped Keith would choke, but then he might have to do the CPR training on him that he'd just finished up last week. Company policy. He couldn't help but glare, as Keith and Syreeta walked away with the orange tray. Her arm looped around his. Soon enough they were feeding each other.

"Why so grim?" The new girl asked who was mostly a tease. Even in her walk and the way she tossed her hair, he knew she was a tease, and Jess' cousin too.

"What was your name, again?" He felt like giving her a hard time. Who knew exactly who she was.


"Oh." He smiled thinking it was a name you couldn't help but want to belch out. He went to the ice cream dispenser as if he had busy work to do. Of course, it was busted at the moment. Everyone was wanting hot chocolate, anyway.

Clive really didn't want to like her, but Irma was a looker with a killer smile.

Naturally, Jess was at the drive-in window giving out as much customer service as she was food. She out shined them all. He knew Irma could never be that nice.

"So, you met Slater yet?" Clive winced, still trying to grasp the fact that his friend was with a fatty. He'd rolled it over in his head again and again. Just how was that possible? It disgusted him, but he still thought about it. Were they really doing it? Just because Clive needed something on his mind instead of Syreeta.

"Yeah." She shrugged, ever so indifferent.

Clive nodded. Maybe she didn't believe it, either. Slater and Jess a cuddling couple. Maybe Irma secretly liked Jess' boyfriend. But Clive didn't want to think it. Couldn't be true.

"Listen, Jess wants you to go bowling with us." Irma crossed her arms as if she didn't want too.

"Bowling?" Clive winced hard. What sort of stupid trick was that? Actually, in his brain, most fowl words came to mind. He was about to have a fitful dance, but he was cool. "With you?" He pursed his lips.

"Duh." She said right back as if he better be thankful.


A customer came in then, and Clive practically jumped to get to him first. Nobody was going to out serve him. Especially at this fast food job.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

At least Clive is enthusiastic!


Launna said...

Clive is bit shallow... but I do hope he finds something with Irma... xox