Tuesday, February 24, 2015

what could it be

what could it be

Kayla felt left out of the loop.

"Well..nobody told me about him." She hugged herself watching the flirting in process. That new young adult librarian was quite the Casanova.

"Oh, you mean Jude?" Audrey shrugged as if he did this every afternoon at quitting time with the new clerk, at 5 o'clock sharp.

"Jude? What kind of name is that?" Kayla winced. She had to face facts that she wasn't keen on new personal. After all, things were finally OK at home with her and Oliver and the new baby, but she didn't like what she saw..and after while, she knew she was spying.

First it was the girl Cassie who walked out alone, but this Jude wasn't far behind.

Kayla gritted as she watched the two in the snow covered parking lot. Jude got into Cassie's car with her.

"Oh, God..are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kayla sighed.

"Is it R rated or X?" Audrey's lips parted with a smile.

"Office romance is the worst."

"We are the library." Audrey pointed out.

"Just the same." Kayla sighed wishing Ian didn't come to mind. How she hated to be reminded of something so very long ago, but it had been late summer or early fall..as she quaintly remembered now. Oh, she didn't want to think Jude was up to no good.

She was certain now, she would never speak to Jude if she could help it.


Launna said...

Kayla needs to learn that not everyone is alike... maybe Jude is nothing like Ian... it remains to be seen...

ivy said...

Kayla is the one who has the bad track record. Who knows, she and Jude might be more alike than either of them know...but she might actually know this. Romance in the work place is like walking on thin ice.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I truly hope Kayla reconsiders.


Sara Gerard said...

Kayla is being a little judgmental here.