Friday, March 20, 2015

and then

Derrick's family

Derrick was still basking in the glow of presents. He guessed. More important it was great to see Asa and the rather grownup Dylan. Well, it seemed that way to Derrick. Who he supposed had no idea who Derrick was. Exactly.

But there was his sister's first love, Kyle and his wife.

"Oh My God!" Kyle's wife Rox was going to have a baby. He hugged her, wanting to ask why hadn't they told him. A bit of him was thrilled yet sad at the same time. "We gotta get together." Derrick winced in tears. "Where is Rosie?" Derrick couldn't think his niece wouldn't be here. He was her favorite uncle.

"I'm right here." She smiled. He hadn't recognized her. She'd grown so much.

Derrick sucked in a breath as she hugged him tight. He pulled in Rossie, and introduced her. Of course, he had good things to say all about them. After all, this was his family. Soon he got his older brother and his daughter gathered around too.

Finally, they'd gotten all together. He wished it wasn't so hard to have these kind of moments. He'd missed them so much.

and then...

Garvin was slowly putting his equipment away, but the music kept playing and a few were dancing over in the corner. He hesitated thinking he needed to get a picture of that. Perhaps he'd be here in the wee hours of the morning. He's already put some of the photos on his iPad so some could already watch a slide show in progress. He did want the family to get their money's worth.

There was Derrick and Rossie with family. He took some photos of them talking. Of course, a part of Garvin was frazzled. He hadn't eaten since midday. So he did feel a little jittery. And then he turned to see someone had made a plate for him.

Of course, he took a picture of the plate of food out of habit. He guessed.

"Oh, you really didn't have too." He smiled. How had he missed this unexpected wedding guest?"Now..who are you?" He needed to make a note of it. Somewhere, but he was so tired.

"I know Rossie, from work." She smiled. "Actually, I haven't worked there ..that long. I weddings..I guess."

Garvin's smile persisted. He hated that about himself, sometimes. But he waited for a name.

"Garvin." He offered a handshake.

"Maggie." Her handshake was firm as if she was confident yet open to meeting new people.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ooh Garvin seems smitten.


Launna said...

I hope Maggie is as nice as she seems... Garvin seems to really like her ...