Thursday, March 19, 2015

if you say so

if you say so

Alo was still amazed. All these connections with Derrick, his new friend.

Derrick was Henry's first boyfriend. And one of Henry's closest friends, Josie, had a baby with Derrick. It was like getting the low down that wasn't in PEOPLE, which was a magazine he detested, but suddenly it was loads of fun to know all this.

"And you..never met Derrick?" Alo smiled as if maybe he was one up on Vada.

"Not that I remember." She was being a little bit of an ice queen. It was as if she had better things to do than go to this shindig, as Derrick kept calling the diner wedding.

"And..his son's guardian, Asa officiated the wedding." It truly was all in the family. Here he thought Vada came from a big family after going to her foster mom's wedding.

"Asa adopted that baby." Vada clarified as if he needed to get his facts straight.

"Oh..yeah, sure..that's what I meant." He shrugged as he bit into another mini quiche. "So, did you ever get it settled with..Dean?" She hadn't spoke of him. Not once. He didn't even know if they actually talked.

"Not really." She sighed, crossing her arms. "There was nothing to settle." She pressed her lips tight as if she didn't need to speak to Dean.

"Vada. It might have been your only chance." Alo looked at her as if this would be something that would fester and pain her later.

"I don't care. He doesn't-" She sucked in a breath. "I'd rather not talk about it. It doesn't do any of us..any good. He has a wife and family..and.."

"OK. Forget, I mentioned him. Its know, he was like a brother to you." Then he knew he'd said too much. There was a long lapse of quiet. They both ate on the plate of food.

"I don't know why you spend all your freaking time with..that...Jude. I don't get it." Vada snapped in a hushed voice.

This cracked Alo up. "Are we fighting now?" He popped a little ball of fruit in her mouth before she could say anything more. "Don't be so hard on him. OK?" He didn't know how to explain it. Jude was his brother's doppelganger, after all. "He's been through a bad break up, you know. He's just a little misunderstood. And yes, I want to get to know him." Alo felt he had too.

Vada looked away, but then punched, with a tooth pick, a cube of cheese from the plate they were sharing and ate it.

"I don't know why, you, have to be so nice to everyone." She told him.

"Because, that's the kind of guy I am. And, you, are too. You, actually are. Its just..I don't think you want some people to know that you care." Alo promised her.

"I think Jude is weird." She looked at him blankly as she bit into one of the fancy crackers.

"How so?" Alo wanted to know.

"He..he doesn't like to ride in cars. I guess. Something like that..and..and I dunno. I get such a bad I'm not sure if he's interested in Henry...or maybe..maybe he's interested in me."

"Really?" Alo smirked as if maybe Vada thought everyone found her irresistible. "Well..I know you'd stomp him like a spider if he made a move on you." He hadn't thought Jude would swing the other way. But what if he were experimenting? Alo winced as if he might be more concerned about Jude than he was Henry. "Do you think interested in him?"

"I hope not. I don't think so." He knew Vada was protective of Henry.

Of course, they didn't know anything for sure. Jude wasn't even here.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jude is most definitely a man of mystery. Albeit a peculiar one. :/


Launna said...

Jude is a little odd... I think Vada has a right to wonder... I like Alo but he is a bit trusting...