Wednesday, March 18, 2015

gold dust girl

gold dust girl prt.1

"It was something, all right." Henry observed as the short wedding vows were said. Naturally, Derrick went on and on about his undieing love for Rossie.

"I just hope its true." Josie said barely above a breath as she nudged him.

It was done in the standing room only celebration. Honestly, Henry hadn't thought so many would come, but there was Vada and Alo. He winced, wondering how either them, even knew Derrick.

"One thing for sure, Derrick gets around." Henry smirked as he nudged her back.

Soon enough people were lining up for food and others shaking the bride and groom's hands. Of course, Rossie sat down as if she might burst, otherwise.

"You know, I hate to say it, but I kind of envy them both." Henry knew it was wrong to admit and yet he managed a little prayer in his head that he hoped all went well for Rossie and the baby's future. "I know I'll never have any kids of my own." He was straight lipped and wished he'd kept his mouth shut, before he even said it to Josie. "Besides, I might curse them with this.." He didn't even want to talk about his seizures.

"Well, nobody in your family has epilipsy, but you." Josie sounded hopeful. A part of Henry wished he could blame it all on Gage, since that was when he did have his first seizure (when he found out Gage was his cousin). Funny, neither crossed paths.

He knew he shouldn't blame it on anyone. And still, he was certain Derrick was the most luckiest guy in the world and he didn't even know it.

Gold Dust Girl prt.2

Derrick was quite shocked when he saw Henry in the crowd with Josie, no less. Of course, he had to find them. They hadn't waited in line to shake his hand.

"So how you, doing?" He grinned. It had been forever since he'd seen him. The last he'd known was that Henry was mending, after a coma, but that was well over a year or so ago. Maybe a couple, at that. Still, he wasn't sure if Henry was all there.

"Great. Just great." Henry told him he was happy for him. For Rossie too. "I hope you have lots of happiness." Henry reached for the little envelope in his pocket. It was a gift card from TARGET.

"Thanks, man." Derrick gave him a hug. Then Josie too.  She stood like a stiff doll. "Did you see who Jane brought?" Derrick pointed. He wondered if she'd even noticed their son was at the wedding. Dylan.

She was closed mouth about it, as if she might melt into tears. He hugged her harder, as if she needed him. "You know, I still love you." He whispered in her ear. But he knew the kind of love he had for her, meant he needed to stay away.

starry eyed

The fashion show was done in about 45 minutes. Leo tried to blow a breath, but he felt so shaky. He undressed quickly and wiped the makeup off, the best he could. Soon, it was as if the whole ordeal disappeared, but did it really?

It thrilled him and made him sick at the same time.

"You, were great." Sal brought him a soda.

"I highly doubt that." Leo took the drink from him and hoped he didn't spill it on himself.

"Oh, but you were. You, gave the show a whole new level. I mean, you were far better than any of those Miss Teen runner ups. People were looking at you. And did make the clothes. You, really did."

Leo wanted to laugh. He really wished he knew what Sal was getting at.

"How about I buy you dinner?" Sal asked. "Beside, there is this talent search lady who would love to meet you."

Leo thought he'd pass out.

"Are you for real?"

"I'm afraid so."

Leo asked for a minute as he reached for his cell. He called Garvin.

"Well, I had a feeling somebody would notice." Garvin sounded happy for him about the dinner date. "Do you...think..this Sal..might know..interested in you?"

Leo froze. He hadn't thought of that. He didn't think so.

"Listen, to all your options." Garvin told him.

"But..but I wish you were here." Leo didn't mean to beg.

"You'll do fine. And..and maybe this Sal..will be a good thing." Garvin then said.

Leo wished he knew how Garvin had so much faith in him.


Launna said...

Oooh, I am happy for Leo... Sal seems very interested :)

I hope poor Henry will be okay... does Derrick even realize what he might have caused? and yes Derrick should stay away from Josie... I hope I read that correctly ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so worried about Henry!