Saturday, March 7, 2015

as the days go by

as the days go by

Oliver looked up from the counter at his bakery to see Garvin was the only one left in the dining area. The young fellow left.

 The sun showed so brightly out, but winter was still hanging on with a nippy wind.

Garvin was on his laptop, looking over some pictures. Oliver guessed this was as good enough a time, as any, to have a word with him.

"Well, guess you heard Vera's on her Honeymoon," Oliver said as if they did have at least one person in common.

"Really?" Garvin looked up at him and smiled. "I didn't know. I wished..I'd known."

"They wanted a destination wedding." Oliver shrugged. He could only imagine getting sick on a cruise, but Vera and Zane were off snorkling in the Virgin Islands, apparently. He got out his phone and showed him the latest picture she'd sent of the two of them.

"Wow." Garvin smiled. "We hadn't spoken, in a while. I guess I lost track of time."

"Been busy?" It was easier to make small talk with him. At least, he didn't feel jealous anymore.

"I try." Garvin chuckled.

"I..I..just never said thank you..about did for me." Oliver looked at the walls of the dining area of the nostalgic pictures Garvin had taken of his place. He'd done many exterior photos of the old place. "I guess.. I owe you." He then offered him a  baked good and coffee on the house, every visit.

"No..I couldn't." Garvin shook his head. "Maybe..just the coffee." He then said.

"Of course." Oliver nodded.

"" Garvin sounded as if he couldn't even say Kayla's name.

"A baby boy. We named him Owen." Oliver told him.

"Congratulations." Garvin said nothing more. It was as if Garvin knew they could never really be friends. All because of Kayla.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish they could form a friendship somehow...


ivy said...

Bitter sweet. They might be best friends.

Lux Ganzon said...

Is it better that way or should they try to be friends?

Launna said...

It is too bad they cannot be friends... maybe someday... there is hope in all things, at least I hold on to that...