Saturday, March 28, 2015

how its suppose to be

how its suppose to be

"What are you doing?" Bash's broken words were consumed with the threat that he very well knew who he was dealing with.

"What?" Veronica swelled a frown. "You're not even happy to see me?" She tried to touch him in the tiny bathroom.

He pushed her hands to herself. He would have none of it. "I hate what you did to Bono!"

It was as if the secret was very clear to him, as to why their boyfriend, so long ago, had ended his life.

"I'm not like that, anymore." Her words were in French but with his scowl, she didn't think he understood.

"You, hurt touch." His dark eyes never stopped glaring at her.

"No. Its not like that." She did not want to believe him as she hugged herself. "I've..ran out of cash."

"Oh really." He acted as if that were hard to believe. "Then find another sugar daddy." Bash's mood did not change.

"I promise..I've changed." She bit her bottom lip. It was true. The world was very scary these days. She had to be more careful. She'd been to Istanbul and back. Yes, she'd been tangled up in a few situations she would rather not mention. Hopefully, no one was looking for her.

"Then stay the hell .away from Archie!" Bash was very clear. He exited the bathroom first.

Veronica looked at herself in the mirror then. She didn't think she could do that. After all, he was different from anyone she'd ever met.

at Molly's

"You know, there are 4 now, again." Molly still didn't believe it. Iggy had only left 3 weeks ago.

 Molly made a "flat white" for Halie in her cappuccino maker. It had been her brother's and she'd found it during Christmas while at home. Mollyalready had a caffeine buzz. She could climb the wall or so Dolan kept telling her to stop drinking so many frothy cups of coffee.

"Its better than Starbucks." She smiled, yet a bit jittery as she brought the cup to Halie at the kitchen table.

Dolan took the baby from Halie, and he handed him off to Dusty before he could cry.

Finally, Halie took a sip of Molly's concoction and then she smiled.

"And she's French." Molly's eyes bugged out a bit about the idea of Archie with somebody new.

"What?" Halie was eager to hear more.

"I dunno what's gotten into him. Iggy, just wanted to go home, you know. He could have went with her." Molly explained. "Its just I hated to see her go, a mate, an all." It hadn't been the same, but she was glad Halie and Dusty were here.

She jumped up, without thinking.

"Guess, you two will be the first to try out our guestroom." She was all smiles as she decided it was time to show it off.

"I did all the decor, me self." Oh, she did want to entertain. If only Dolan would let her. Of course, his arms were cross, as if she never credited him for anything.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm seriously loathing Dolan right now.


Launna said...

I am glad Bash is trying to protect Archie... people never seem to listen though...

ivy said...

Hopefully, Archie is smart enough by now.