Sunday, March 29, 2015

often asked questions

often asked questions

"I dunno how, you, can do this to me?" True, Henry was not at all happy to hear about Josie's graduation trip. He rested his head against his fist on the circulation counter. He was practically sprawled on it. He knew he was close to being against the rules, but it wasn't stopping him. Nor trying to make Josie just a wee bit sad when she told him it was settled about seeing Halie and Alec.

He straightened up then, knowing he was being too much of a pity-party. "Just kidding." He faked a laugh then a smile. "I'm really glad you're going."

She said nothing.

"Honest." He grabbed a new book. Told her she should read it. "Its about Paris. If you go all the way to England, why not Paris too?"

He would have to live through her summer adventures. It looked like his summer was planned. Well, and some tests of EKGs, but he didn't want to get into that with her.

"Look, its taking every-ones money to get me there, you know." She hugged herself. Even her dad was sending some money for this round trip. "I'll only be there for two weeks."

"Why not two months?" Henry looked at her blankly. "Might as well make it the whole summer."

"I can't. That is just too long to be away from home." She was her usual solemn self.

"I bet, you, came in to see how Sky is doing." Henry supposed she was having second thoughts about Sky. "You know, he only works mornings now. And his nights are at the convention center. Hear, he's in all that media stuff. Guess, he knows more about sound equipment than we knew."

Again, silent.

"'ll like this.." as if they really were in the same boat. "That guy I liked, who isn't exactly a counselor...anyway, seems he has a boyfriend." Henry made a face as if he was really hurt about it. Perhaps he was, but they seemed so cozy together. Henry wished he knew how that felt. Did he really ever know it with Leo? Or even Shan? He was beginning to doubt it.

"Do you realize we only have 2 months of school..and then we graduate?" Josie said as if that was final jeopardy. Not thinking about would be relationships.

"Oh, God..don't remind me." He was dreading every minute of it. He didn't want to think what life would be like after high school.


Launna said...

Life after highschool is never what we think it will be... I wish Josie could go for the 2 whole months, it would be a great experience ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Definitely a scary prospect!


ellie said...

So true! I love your comment!

Nana Granada said...

OMG Harry!!!!! great post dear. love reading your contenbts. keep writing =) this is fun =) hope you can check my blog =)