Sunday, March 15, 2015

it isn't very clever

it isn't very clever prt.1

"I dunno, I could go with you," Henry said behind the counter at the library. He looked through the paperbacks Josie chose to check out. He didn't want to say it, but he felt they were all rather cheesy and so cliche.

"Sky really doesn't want to go. He's not exactly on team Derrick." Josie swelled a frown.

"Are any of us?" Henry chuckled as he scanned the barcodes. "What is this stuff, you're reading?" They were practically Harlequin romances even if they were labeled NEW ADULT. Perhaps, potty mouthed characters that always ended up doing the right thing.

"I dunno. It looked good."

"You're suppose to be reading, the last existentialist... like Paul Auster, or at least his wife Siri. Of course, they might be divorced by now, but still..she's amazing." He told her. He then reached for a book that was just checked in. "Here, try this."

He handed her Stuart O'Nan's PRAYER FOR THE DYING.

"It looks rather depressing." She made a face of disgust.

"But, its really good." He promised as he checked it out for her.

" will go to the wedding with me?" Josie asked as she put her books in her book bag.

"I said I would. You know, gives them a better chance of something exciting to actually happen at the wedding." Henry smirked. "Like me, having a grand mal."

it isn't very clever prt.2

"Do you feel one coming on?" Jude hated to butt in, but after all, he was concerned if Henry was going to have an epileptic episode. Also the only real adult in the building who so happened to be the Young Adult librarian. "You know, that dreadful feeling?"

"I never had one at the library." Henry said very quietly.

"Well, maybe, you, feel comfortable here." Jude edged a silly smile. "You, must be Josie?" He'd overheard Henry speak of her. "And don't you have a boyfriend ..who works here?"

He gave Josie a warm embrace. Oh, he did like hugs. But she really wasn't much of a hugger. Neither was Henry's adopted sister Vada.

"You know, what we need here? Is a party?" Jude bit a grin.

Both Josie and Henry looked at him as if he'd lost it. There wasn't anyone at the library on this cold March evening.

"I want pizza." He looked at Josie. "What's your favorite?"

"I gotta go." She said as if Jude outstayed his welcome. Not Josie.

"Please, come two?" They really weren't up for fun. Maybe he could get Vada to join him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jude becomes more and more creepy with every encounter. :/


Launna said...

Jude is odd... I think he needs to back off...

ivy said...

Oh, Henry..and what he likes in books. I do wonder how Josie feels about him. And Jude, well, I have a co-worker like that.