Saturday, March 14, 2015

Who's got who's back

who has who's back

As much as Carly wanted to think about a wedding, she felt as if she were in limbo.

Sure, Jen's mom loved taking her and Bella in. But Carly was certain it would come to an end.

What if her mom showed up? Oh, Carly didn't want to think how bad ass her mother could be. She could be down right nasty. After all, Bella was her grandchild.

But of course, they hadn't heard from her. Her mother did what ever she pleased. She always had.

Still Carly didn't trust her.

The strange thing was how happy Cooper was about this whole new set up. He didn't live at Jen's but he was there, a lot. Supposedly, to see Bell, as he called her. Carly was beginning to think he might be sweet on Jen's mom. After all, she was Miss Hospitality with comfort food and a smile who was always ready to listen.

Carly tried to talk to Jen about it, but she said her mom was just being nice.

"Are you sure?" She'd asked on the ride over to Rossie's. After all, Jen might turn into her mom... even if Jen always swore she was nothing like her Mom.

"Why would you think something was going on?" Jen almost got in a fuss with Carly over the matter. It wasn't like they were all cozy at Jen's house. Carly slept in the guestroom with Bella.

"He's way too nice to her." Carly's eyes lit.

"Is he mean?" Jen wanted to know then.

"I dunno. He and my sister had so many fights. He never hit her, though. She did hit him a lot." Carly hoped Jen didn't think she was like that.

"There's nothing going on with my mom and Copper." Jen felt certain. Carly wasn't so sure.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Carly may just be onto something...


ivy said...

Some things are hard to talk about.

Launna said...

I think Carly is in tune with what's going on...