Monday, March 9, 2015

it'll be nice

it'll be nice

Well, Rossie wished she would have heard about this, the wedding, from Derrick. Instead of Camille. However, she was feeling mellow, and they wanted to put her on bed rest. The doctors were worried about her blood pressure.

She knew she couldn't let her anger get the best of her now. She needed to take it easy.

"Maybe, you could have the wedding at the diner." Camille suggested after they got back to the apartment.

Of course, Camille brought groceries as if they might be starving. Mainly, it was fruit and veggies for Rossie.

"I have nothing to wear." Rossie said very dully.

"Maybe, I do." Camille told her she had a lot of maternity things. "Or we..we could go shopping. And..and you decide."

She remained mute. Rossie wished she could accept Camille's help, but it didn't feel right.

Finally, Camille left.

And she could see Derrick didn't want to be alone with her.

"All right..I know you're mad. I can sense it. But..she just wants to help." Derrick pleaded. He didn't look quite so tough now.

"She's not even your mother." Rossie informed him.

"OK. So..she's all I've got." He sounded quite miserable.

"I don't even know ..if..if you really love me." She said ever so cold. Deep inside, she knew it was true. Or at least the part that he was thrilled about... she was having his baby girl. And she knew he loved the thought of a baby girl.

"I do love you." He sighed. "Its just..I know much better. And..maybe..I think better off without me. But I want to try. I do. I want to make it up to you. Some how. And if you think its the worst idea..then.." He bit his bottom lip as if he'd understand if it was a lost cause.

Rossie pressed her lips tight. She glared at him, thinking of their future. What did she really see?

"Come here." She held out her hand. He scooted in and put his arms around her on the loveseat in their tiny livingroom.

"I do want us to be a family." She told him. They needed to be a family. She'd never had one. Or if she had, it was so long ago, she could barely remember. "OK, lets get married."


Launna said...

I hope this works... they both need each other but that isn't always a reason to be together...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope she's sure about this.