Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lets go there

Lets go there

Halie wasn't sure if Josie was all that excited about coming to visit this summer. She thought they would talk more about it. Not about Derrick getting married. Surly, Josie couldn't still be stuck on a fool like that.

Then, as she was changing Alec's nappy, Halie knew it must have been about the babe. Halie didn't even know the little boy's name. Josie never talked about him. She'd given him for adoption. Halie knew his parents would let Josie see him anytime she wanted, but she rarely ever visited.

Naturally, Halie got all emotional, even had a good cry.

"What's this?" Dusty wanted to know when he came home.

"Oh..its really nothing." She sat there while Alec played with her braids, putting fist fulls in his mouth.

"It is. You, look like you've lost your best mate." He sat next to her on the bed and took the baby from her. Naturally, he got a bit of Alec's drool, but that was about par for the course these days.

"I dunno what to think. Josie sounded so glum. The trip might make it worse. Seeing us, a family ..and all." Halie looked deep in thought.

"If she's a mate, she's gonna be happy to see you, and us." He was bright eyed about it. At the moment, it was brutal cold. Things would be warmer once it were summer. And their bed was such a hole already, they'd come to cuddle in.

"Jesus, I dunno, if can sleep in this bed with you much longer." She finally let slip.

"You and me both." He agreed.

"Mum, doesn't want to get a new one. We'll be off to the Uni and..well..she says..what's the point."

"The point is..we need some sleep." He told her he'd been saving up. There was a sale. He'd seen flyers and commercials, too. "But this is something we need to do on our own. Let your mum keep Alec."

Halie nodded. Yes, they couldn't just fall in love with the first big bed they came across.


Launna said...

I hope Halie and Dusty goes... Josie will just have to live with it and move on... I also agree that Dusty and Halie need a new bed, they need to be comfortable ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a funny shopping plan!