Thursday, March 12, 2015

never enough

never enough prt.1

Hansen didn't know, exactly how they'd pull this off. A wedding at the diner.

"Well, I'm not making the cake." He just said. He had so much to do as it was. Here they were again, in the back of the diner, working the dinner rush. Why did he have to fuss over a wedding cake?

"Oh, don't worry about it." Derrick went back to the dishes and scrubbed at a pan. "I mean, not that I envy you, in the least. I mean, you've got that gig coming up in May. You sure you're woman will let you get away? Its Paris for god-sakes." Derrick smirked back.

"She's fine with it." The truth was they didn't talk about his summer in Paris. He'd been offered a scholarship to study at a French Chef school. He thought Sara would have been more excited, but she was being a little more pessimistic than he'd hoped. Honestly, he was plain scared. They'd find out he wasn't much of a cook at all and probably he'd be worse than he even imagined. But he was going because..why not.

"She isn't even all that crazy about you working here, man." Derrick spoke the truth. Sure, she'd helped a little in the beginning, but she hated the fact that it was called Daisy's. He guessed she would never actually be friends with Daisy, who pulled a lot more dining shifts than she needed too. And Daisy was going to college and with a baby.

"Well, some things pay the bills." But he liked it here, even if it wasn't that great paying. He'd learned a lot from Daisy's Dad and he felt in a sense, a part of the family. He guessed.

"I dunno why you haven't dumped her yet." Derrick reminded him what she'd done to his brother Max, all that time ago.

"Well, people can change." Hansen shot back. "Haven't you changed?"

never enough prt.2

Max caught the end of Hansen's conversation. He didn't want these two to get in a fight. But Hansen had a point. Derrick wasn't actually seeing guys anymore. He was going to be somebody's husband  and father soon.

"OK, Dad says he'll make the cake." Max caught himself referring to Daisy's dad, as his own dad now. After all, they did live at the same house. "Plain white, right?"

"I don't care. You, better ask Rossie." Derrick put some dishes in the dishwasher.

"Sure." Max took a note. He guessed he should get her OK instead of Derrick's, but they were in a time crunch. The wedding was to happen, like yesterday. He was to be Derrick's best man, yet a part of him felt he might be the complete wedding planner. "Do you know? Who's gonna be Rossie's brides maid?"

Naturally, Derrick didn't have a clue.


Launna said...

Max is right, Derrick should remember that people can change, he of all people should remember that...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Derrick would show a little more interest in this momentous occasion.