Sunday, April 5, 2015

as night falls

as night falls

Audrey hoped she didn't hurt Scott's feelings.

Yes, of course, she knew exactly who he was, but she couldn't bring that up right now. She let Aidan do all the reminding.

"I bet you don't even remember him." He'd smirked and Audrey only smiled, wishing to move on.

Scott did have a significant other.

Although, Audrey thought she was awful young. At first. Well, she giggled so, while they were in the kitchen. She seemed to be a little secretive. Audrey guessed it was a woman's instinct. And then when Audrey asked if she wanted a glass a wine as some sort of test. Audrey found out Essie was pregnant. She hadn't been listening to Scott, earlier. All she'd been thinking about was putting this dinner together. Audrey really was an only 20 minute cook and usually then it came from a box or take out.

But this with Scott, Audrey would leave things well enough alone. Besides, she still had plenty of chopping to do for the stir-fry.

It would work its self out. She needed to say nothing about knowing Scott. But then when she'd glimpse into Scott's eyes. Oh, she knew it was not..NOTHING.

"He was quite geeky." Audrey smiled when she spoke of Scott to Essie.

"I know..I think..that must be what I love about him." Essie did have quite the enthusiasm  going for Scott.

Audrey laughed as if she agreed it was one of his many charms.

Yet, she knew quite a lot of sad things about him too. He was a loner. He fell in love with books, for the most part. And he really didn't have a family. Not that he brought it up. She knew an old woman visited him once. She was a great Aunt who'd raised him. Alone.

Audrey hoped Essie was good to him. He really needed someone good. And Audrey teared up, thinking she, herself was not good for him. Especially, then. And it did tug at her heart that she'd left him in the cold, and never looked back to see what became of Scott.

"Well, he must really love you." Audrey decided. It was in his smile. She hoped it was true. "You two must be excited. The baby and all."

"Quite excited." The words were stuck in Essie's throat. Audrey guessed that was what she said. They went on with the dinner.

Audrey thought they would be asking Scott and Essie over, more often.


Launna said...

So she did remember Scott as she should... I think they both need to move on and leave the past behind xox

ellie said...

Yes, somethings are best to leave in the past.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Essie. :/


Lux G. said...

It really gets more complicated if they don't start setting themselves free from the past.