Saturday, April 4, 2015

not your typical night

not your typical night

Scott didn't know what to say. Especially, when he saw who was holding Aidan's baby.  Well, the mother of Aidan's baby.

He thought he might choke.

First he thought, couldn't be.

"You, remember Audrey, don't you?" Aidan asked as he took the little one from Audrey.

Scott gritted a smile. And she hugged him, with no qualms.

He could barely hold her. He didn't want too. Funny, he didn't figure it would end this way.

The one and only girlfriend he ever had in college, that he thought he'd lost one summer..was now married to his old roommate.

And..she didn't even remember him.

"Hi." He barely got out before he pulled Essie in. And before he knew..there came the words. "We're having a baby."

He practically had Essie in his lap when they sat down. Maybe it was because it was just a big puffy chair and not a loveseat like he expected.

"Oh my God." Audrey pulled Essie up and gave her a hug. They went off to the kitchen.

Aidan was full of congrats. He got Scott a beer who held it because he didn't drink.

"I was hoping to have you over to dinner before now." Aidan told him. "Why didn't you tell me you were married?"

"Oh, we're not." Scott decided to come clean on that one. "But..but..we..we have a plan."

"I'd always thought of you, the marrying kind." Aidan nodded. "Actually, I never thought I'd go down this road, again."

"Oh yeah, whatever happened-"

"I guess our best years were in college. I think she moved to Arizona." He told him about living in L.A. "It just wasn't for me. I guess I missed home. But I work with my Dad now."

"Great." Scott smiled, thinking Aidan might have been the closest thing to family he could remember. How he wished Aidan could have been his brother. Maybe then he would have had some place to go for the holidays.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sometimes the bonds of friendship are just as tight as those of brotherhood.


ellie said...

So true!

Launna said...

Wow... how could she not remember him... I would remember an ex... I hope Scott and Adidan stay close like family ... xox