Friday, April 3, 2015

it could be a laugh

It could be a laugh

Essie intended to hate Carson's girlfriend Charlie. That is if she ever saw her. Well..that was her first thought, but now that they worked together, practically every day, she knew there was nothing to hate about Charlie.

"If only Carson could be as nice as she is." Essie finally admitted to Scott, wishing the two of them could actually do something with Charlie and her boyfriend. If only she could think of Carson that way. But he was so cold and truly arrogant, she believed now.

Oh..she remembered how he used to talk to her about kids. No way would he ever be a dad. He didn't want children. So it did take her by surprise to find out from Charlie how caring he was with her little girl, Lily.

It would do no good to be angry about it now. And she knew by that look on Scott's face, he wished she wouldn't have brought up Carson. After all, they were practically at his friend's door.

"Aidan was my roommate in college." Scott mentioned him before, but Scott never talked about college.

" you think..he'll think ..I'm too young? For you?" Not that she'd ever thought that was actually an issue. Even if she was almost nineteen and he was twenty-six.

He winced as if that had never ever entered his mind.

"" He sighed. "Its just he has a family now..and.."

"Well, you should have told me we were going to have to make a play of some sort, for this dinner. Do you know my character?" She looked at him while they were still in the car, as he contemplated the whole scenario.

"Its..just..I dunno what to tell them." He looked a little puzzled.

"You can say ..we live together..which we do." It felt like they were starting over. Like they'd just met, and they were definitely past introductions. After all, they did more than sleep together.  Of course, he was the reluctant lover. Ever so careful, but she liked that about him. He did like to kiss. A lot. Anywhere. Actually.

But she'd lead the way. Not that they'd talked about it, but she liked his warmth and couldn't think the need of another.

However, Essie felt she might burst into laughter at the moment.

"What is so funny?" He was so serious.

"You are." She told him he was acting like he was seeing his long lost brother who was bound to disapprove.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love Essie's spirit!


Launna said...

Essie is funny... I like her xox