Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't worry, sleepyhead

Don't Worry

Fish knew something was up with Shan from the get go. He was like reading an S.E. Hinton novel, sometimes. Always so restless and pained with something on his mind.

Naturally, Fish got him to spill and then when Shan promised he'd get out of this path that was a lot more dark than Shan wanted to admit..Fish didn't speak to him for the rest of the week.

"I might say something I'll regret." He told Henry in the back of the storage room where they mended books at the library.

Henry looked all innocent as if he might be preparing for his best monologue yet. Henry sighed heavily as if he'd explain it to Fish.

"I just didn't want to mess things up with Josie. I mean, you know," Henry sounded sensible, but not entirely.

"No, I dunno." Fish swelled a frown.

"It keeps me calm." Henry said rather quickly as if he might be a self medicated genius. And that's when Henry explained he'd now lost his virginity twice.

Fish shook his head. He didn't know what to think. Here Fish thought they were all on the verge of being productive adults, drug free and ready to take on the world. Now he felt his life was on rewind. It wasn't until he remembered his wedding vows with Shan. "For better..for worse.." Oh, it sounded like a muddled mess now ...that... Fish could no way comprehend.


Rowdy wasn't sure if he'd figured it out or not. Maybe Bree really did want to stay home with him the night of prom. Of course, no one ever came for her. But.. there was one young man who showed up at the door lost. But then he'd only wanted directions.

He looked a little out of it. His eyes all squinty. Rowdy couldn't be sure if he was exactly looking at Bree or not. The teenager said, "Never mind. Sorry about that." And he was gone, but not long after, the doorbell rang again and it was Connor.

"What brings, you, by?" Rowdy wanted to know.

Connor didn't have much of an answer, but he ate the rest of the pizza and set with them to watch an old western TV show. He seemed pretty content, and he sat next to Bree, all quiet.

"Did you call him or something?" Rowdy didn't think she had. After all, he had her cell phone in his pocket, shut off.

She shook her head, no. They exchanged smiles and Connor stayed around til almost midnight. Really, it turned out to be a calm Saturday night. Everybody was behaving themselves. Rowdy guessed. Naturally, Ting was at work. Shan, too, and Fish made himself scariest. Said he had a book to read.

Rowdy wished he could believe everything was as good as he wished it was, but he couldn't be sure. If only somebody would actually say what was on their mind. Oh, he knew he wasn't any better. But it was a nice thought that maybe Connor and Bree kissed and made up. Of course, he wasn't gonna let there be any kissing on his watch.


Launna said...

Haha, Rowdy is funny... no kissing on his watch... I hope things will be okay between Henry and Josie...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Rowdy's a cool guy - though he's a bit oblivious to the behaviors of some of the 'kids' around him. :/


ellie said...

I love Rowdy. Still as a parent..well, its hard to find all the secrets in the house.