Friday, April 24, 2015

seeing the light from the rabbit hole

Seeing the light from the rabbit hole

Dax Reynolds always kept his word. Until now.

Yes, he recalled Bree ever so clearly. Or he thought he did. She was the most beautiful girl he'd ever met. But he must have been on something... then.

God, he was the worst pothead at school, just like they said.

But, he'd never believed it..until now. Sure, he knew a lot of girls. They were just friends. Most were only in it for the weed. They were like a fan club. Actually, he didn't want to date them. They all had a history. A good many had had an abortion or two. Not all of them. Still, he wouldn't dare say it, but they were beneath him.

This Bree..though, she was awesome. Perhaps his equal. Or so he'd guessed... that night, out by the cornfields where the woods began. She couldn't be of this world. And there she was with that kid. It was really weird.

Yet..maybe he'd imagined..ALL OF IT... now. Maybe he'd just dreamed it all up. But he'd kissed her and well, some other things too, that he didn't want to dwell on. Not like it was a full blown one night stand. Still, it was enough, to give him ....wanting more. He needed to know this Bree Dalton. He figured out where she lived.

Of course, he didn't dress up all that much the night of Prom. Just his usual Heavy Metal Tee and skinny jeans. He was gonna wear a nice suit jacket, but it was in the backseat of his car.

Actually, he was awful nervous about meeting her folks. And then when that old man opened the door, Dax almost messed his pants. This was territory he didn't know if he was ready for, but then he reminded himself that Bree Dalton would be worth it.

Then he noticed the little girl behind the old man. It was as if his vision of someone vanished. She was just a little girl. A freak'n little girl.

There was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was certain he'd throw up, and he did lose it when he got to his car. He could barely think. Tears in his eyes. A frightening and sad feeling. Dax went home that night, hid in his basement, and finally went to sleep with a little help to listening to crickets on his phone app. Just what kind of world was he making for himself?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Dax definitely needs to straighten out.


Launna said...

Dax needs to get it together now...