Saturday, April 18, 2015

Its that time of year

Its that time of year

Leo squinted so hard, he thought he might be coming down with something. He was pretty sure he should stay home, anyway. His sister was going out with Garvin.

"What? What is this?" Leo couldn't think of anything better to say. And lord knows, where the hand gesture came from as he stood there at the door, ready to push Garvin out before his sister could make her way downstairs. "Nobody told me about this?"

"Well.." Garvin looked as if he might laugh, as he did his best to remain serious with his hands shoved in his chinos. "We met at a wedding."

"A wedding?" Leo scowled. " could you anything about her?"

"We, are different." Garvin reminded him, about Leo and himself. "On..on a lot of different levels...and well, you are her brother, and it would be weird..if YOU found her..attractive."

Leo glared at him as if Garvin was being impossible now. How could he ever go to Prom with Sal if  all he could think about was Garvin with his sister? He hugged himself. What hurt worse, was the fact that he'd lost his virginity last Prom. But he wasn't with Henry now.

Yes, he had a lot on his mind. And he wasn't dressing up pretty. Just plain Leo. But of course, when Sal got there, he was happy to see him.

Alo to the rescue

Alo went all out for the deluxe limo ride.

"See, any kind of beverage you could want." Alo was ready to pop the champagne.

"No thanks." Henry was smug and Josie just looked lost with the pretty pink flowers on her wrist. She was practically in white and at Henry's side.

Naturally, Vada hesitated. Alo was certain she'd poo any idea of a party. But she surprised him.

"Why not." She held up her plastic champagne glass to fill. Josie sighed, and Vada passed the glass to her, but then Henry took it from Josie.

"I need a stiff drink." He'd decided.

So Alo filled up the bubbly, all around. He knew for a fact Vada could hold her liquor, but he wasn't so sure about Henry and Josie.

Henry and Josie

The glitter ball was spinning. And it definitely didn't feel like being in the ballroom at the old museum. Henry knew he'd promised Josie they'd make the rounds in the different art rooms, but somehow, it didn't seem likely. Actually, the lights didn't make him dizzy, at all. He was glad it was dark. Maybe he wouldn't see Leo.

Oddly, he'd had recurring dreams about seeing Leo and how Henry would probably faint or have a fit. Something, he wouldn't have an inkling of doing. But the champagne didn't give him a headache. He felt very calm as he looped his arm around Josie's, who did look lovely tonight (thanks to him, of course) Yes, he upscaled another Good Will garment taylored just for Josie.

"Come on, lets dance." He informed her.

"But it's a slow one." She looked at him as if he didn't have too.

"Its Sam Smith. I love Sam Smith." He smiled. Which was true. Just then he noticed Leo in a tux with a guy (who desperately needed a shave) in a tux too. Henry did his best not to hone in on Leo. He was focused. with his hands on Josie's waist. He looked into her eyes. This was her night, and he knew he would be happy if she was happy.

Josie and Henry

Josie smiled back. She knew Henry wanted to have fun, but as tingly as her lips were from the sip of champagne..she remembered, Henry finished her drink.

She stared up at him, wondering if he was really OK. Of course, they were making small circles on the dance floor. Basically hugging each other for the most part. Maybe she was holding him up, she now thought in the natural progress of things.

And just as the slow dance was near the end, he bent his head so. She felt his nervous lips on hers. Honestly, it frightened her a little, but then she realized this was Henry's pulse, the buzz, the sensation of what made him tick.

First she wanted to laugh, and yet she wanted to cry. She kissed him back as if he need to know..he was really OK.

Maggie and Garvin

Garvin didn't let Leo put him off. It was a date. With Maggie. And her smile was infectious. She thought he was funny. But she laughed with him..not at him.

"Oh..God, why didn't I remember there was Prom?" It took forever to get in at the Italian place. He apologized. "The place is never busy." He hadn't thought to make a reservation.

"Its all right." Maggie told him by eight they'd have the place to themselves. She was right. And she drank red wine.

He was shocked, remembering wasn't she a minister or something. But he shared a bottle of it with her.

"Are, you, going to regret this?" He asked as he poured her another glass.

"Probably, my stomach will, but that'll be tomorrow." She promised.

He wanted to say something about Leo, but he couldn't. It was best to let it all work its self out. Garvin decided, Leo would have to get used to the idea. Yes, he was seeing Maggie and Garvin hoped it was often.

Tell me something

Clive guessed he'd seen everything now. Irma's hair might have smelled like fries, but it didn't take much to dress her up. She could make a cheap strapless dress worth a million bucks. And to think she changed at work for her date. Naturally, she was about an hour late, but that dude, Holden looked pretty happy to see her.

Clive guessed it was best if he manned his station at the drive through. After all, Jess was having a night on the town with Slater. Even Syreeta had a date, but it wasn't with Keith and Clive was kind of happy about that, but not completely.

He turned back to look at the new girl working the counter. Her name was Jasmine and he thought she might be younger than she said she was, but he wasn't going to make a fuss. Still, he was in charge tonight and he wasn't sure he was up for it.

But it was a slow go. And the dining area shut down at 10. Still, there were a lot of feelings going on in his head. Especially, about Jess.  It was true, he wanted to be the guy she wanted to be with. He just didn't get it. Maybe he never would.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm worried about Henry tonight.


Launna said...

Wow a lot going on here... I do hope Henry will be okay :-) ...

Lux G. said...

This is longer than the others. :) So many things could happen.
I hope everything will turn out alright in the end.