Sunday, April 19, 2015

the thing is

The thing is

"What's really going on?" Sal looked into Leo's eyes. Somehow, they'd ended up at the all night diner for waffles.

"Nothing." Leo skimmed the menu, even if they'd already ordered.

"Don't tell me that." Sal shook his head. "Its like, you, weren't even there tonight, at Prom." Sal sipped his coffee.

"I dunno. Sorry." Leo's voice was low, as if he might be coming down with something. "I-I saw my ex..with..a girl."

"Oh, that guy..who was kissing that girl." Sal remembered, that was the moment everything froze. Actually, he thought it was going to be a pretty good night until then, although, before when Sal got to Leo's and there was that guy Garvin. "Are you sure? That's all it was? I mean, I kind of had a thing for that fellow your sister was going out with."

Now Leo scowled. "No." He kind of laughed. "No." Leo squinted hard and got back to the fact. "Henry ..was only kissing that girl get back at me."

"Well..maybe he thought the same thing, when he saw me, with you." Sal shrugged ever so endearing.

Leo shook his head. That's when he told Sal that he'd lost his virginity last Prom. Of course, Leo wouldn't look him in the eye. Leo leaned his elbows on the table and rubbed his upper arms as if it were a terrible thing to tell him.

"OK, I get it." Sal pressed his lips tight. "Do you regret..going out with me?"

"No." Leo sighed. "Its just..I guess..I'm not..that experienced."

"OK." Sal smiled. "You know, that's not a deal breaker." He almost winked. "I like you." Sal told him. "I like it when you're in drag-"

"About that." Leo shook his head, no. "Let's..lets don't call it that."

"There are all sorts, you know." He'd been to plenty of Drag Queen balls and pageants, even in Omaha.

"Yeah, but-" Leo looked him in the eye. "My mom thinks I'm going to have surgery or something."

Sal couldn't help, but laugh.  "But we're going to New York City. Soon as school is out. Didn't you tell her?"

Leo shook his head, no.

"Well, you better tell her what's happening." Sal was in this for the long haul. And he wanted to go to New York with Leo.

The Good Life

Vada was in a mood. A bad mood. She was furious with Alo. But here she was all alone in a dark library that was closed. Still, she put books away. She didn't even want to think about last night.

Alo and the champagne. And Henry got drunk. Maybe Josie too. He had some explaining to do.

She did have fun with him. And it was good to see all her friends together. Luna was even there with the college guy who was now living at Luna's house, even if he was on the livingroon couch. She'd wanted to ask her about that, but those two were having so much fun on the dance floor. Even Luna's step-brother had a date.

Yes, it was a night of selfies and snapshots. Still, when she realized Henry was drunk, it was too late. And she didn't want to say anything at the time. But now, well, she was going to speak her mind.

And then she heard a tap on the back metal door. She looked out of the peep hole. There was Alo, all grins with lunch from the sandwich place.

She opened the door ready to tell him how she felt. This wasn't Paris where everyone drank all the time...

"Guess what?" He was excited.

"Why do I need to guess?" She crossed her arms, thinking they had had way too much fun last night. She didn't even know if Henry actually made it home. Alo wanted to spend time alone with her.

"OK..don't guess." He smirked.

"What is it?" She sighed.


"What?" She winced hard.

"He's..he's at the Boarding house. Found him there when I got home."

"So." She shrugged ever so indifferent. After all, he'd spent the past year playing hide and seek from his parents.

"He's staying for good." Alo told her.

"We'll see about that." Vada had decided months ago that Roman liked being on the run.

"Well, I told him I'd pay for his room, and he liked Ricki's cooking so much, he couldn't say no."  Alo smiled as if he'd taken care of everything. As it was he unloaded the bag and made them a picnic right on the desk that was in technical service.

Vada wasn't sure they should eat here, but she guessed it was all right. She just couldn't see Roman living there. He had a nice home. Why wasn't he there? She bit into a chip then, wondering if Roman would ever explain anything. Maybe he would, to Alo.

Still, she thought Alo was too trusting, and he was even friends with Jude. Sometimes, she didn't think she knew Alo at all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Alo seems a bit naive; but he's just trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.


Launna said...

I think Alo is nice... he just wants to see the good in others instead of always looking for the bad...