Thursday, April 16, 2015

just thoughts in the hall

Thoughts in the hall prt.1

"Damn, girl, you aren't getting back with him, are you?" Kenny winced, as he watched Syreeta take her History book from her metal locker. He'd seen her talking to Clive. "We all know he's always up to no good."

"That's not true." She glared back at him as if she had no intentions of going to prom with him.

Kenny shook his head. He'd tried all semester to get her to notice he was more than just a friend in Orchestra. After all, they'd be spending the summer together at that music college. He leaned against the locker. "So what's going on?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." She was her genuine sincere self.

"I ain't gonna say nothing." He looked at her as if she could trust him. He hadn't seen the college dude around lately, and he thought this just might be his chance. He followed her to class. "Guess, that's a NO, about prom." He knew it was last minute.

She blew a breath and looked back to make sure he wasn't studying her butt.

"OK. I'll go. But we're just friends." She was serious.

He nodded. He couldn't help but smile. After all, she made him a better student. He'd never studied so hard in Orchestra before. Even his parents were proud of him. There was a lot more to Kenny than just being a jock.

Thoughts in the hall prt.2

Connor was beginning to think he was the dumbest guy on earth. First it was Bree being all crazy with that 8th grader. Now he'd heard through the halls at school she was going to prom. Connor wasn't even going to prom.

There was that other thing too. His kiss with Samantha. Of course, she hadn't spoken to him since.

At the time, it was a big deal. A really big deal. Of course, he didn't really have anyone to tell, and there was the guilt that he'd let Bree down.

No, he was not having a good day. Not even a good week. Who in the hell was this Dax Reynolds, that everyone was talking about? Evidently, he had the best parties ever and Bree had been going to them. And now she was his date to Prom.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Connor is definitely having a rough time of it.


ivy said...

Poor Connor, but I'm not sure Kenny has the date he really wants, either.

Anonymous said...

Chyna Anne McClain

Launna said...

Connor is having a bad day... I hope it changes around for him xox