Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Syreeta decided not to go on tour with Keith.

He did make it sound like the most exciting adventure. On the road, all summer through Colorado. His band was going to some really cool places.

Instead, she'd been offered a summer music program. She needed to do this, especially, if she wanted to take music seriously. After all, she was much more than a drummer. She could certainly play any piece on the piano, and evidently her teachers noticed.

It was hard to say now if she and Keith were still together. He still called and text, but they didn't spend every weekend together. Perhaps, it was warming up and there wasn't the idea of keeping each other warm.

Honestly, Syreeta didn't have time to worry about it. Although, she should have talked it over with Keith about prom coming up. Perhaps, she wouldn't go. Or if she did, she would go alone.

Yes, it was true, she could do some things alone. But at the moment, she needed to finish up some math homework.

The doorbell rang. And nobody bothered to get it. She went down and finally answered the door. It was Clive.

Her eyes lit as soon as she saw him. He looked so out of it.

"What are you doing here?"

He shivered slightly and asked if he could come in.

She heard her father clear his throat. She looked over her shoulder, knowing she would not bring Clive to her room. At least her Dad let them alone in the livingroom.

"Are you OK?" She asked Clive.

He shook his head, no.

She went to get milk and cookies. She remembered they were his favorites, but then again he wasn't all that choosy.  He sat down on the couch with his hands hiding his eyes. He was crying.

"You know, how I worry all the time, about getting shot for no good reason." He finally looked up at her. He sighed. "Well, I got even more to worry about now."

Syreeta waited to listen, but of course, he took a chocolate chip cookie and pushed the cookie practically whole in his mouth.

Syreeta wanted to tell him the suspense was killing her, but she didn't. She pressed her lips tight, thinking he might need to be bonked on the head to continue.

But he grimaced so, as if that cookie hadn't done a thing for him.

"I dunno what to do. I just dunno." He shook his head.

For a moment, she wondered if he was the one who had the gun and shot someone. She stared at him wondering just what to make of him.

"You, don't want to hear this." He shook his head, but she sat down next to him, and took his hand. It was time for him to come clean. And that's when he told her about Jess.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad he confided in someone.


ivy said...

I'm glad they can still be friends.

Launna said...

I think it is good that Clive had someone to confide in... he really couldn't keep it in forever...