Tuesday, April 14, 2015

There you have it

There you have it prt.1

Honestly, Jess didn't know where to begin, nor where it would end.

At least, she had Slater back. And things were going to be OK.

She couldn't believe how upset she got. It felt like a bad dream now. Yes, she was a sensitive person. And maybe she did envy Irma.

The girl never gained weight. She could eat anything. And Jess didn't want to think that could be a reason as to why she hated her cousin. After all, Jess was a positive person and she'd known Slater since middle school.

They were friends. Best friends ever. And she planned on marrying him one day.

But now, she was ready to pull her hair out.  The thought of Clive made her so mad at herself.

She'd never been like that with anyone. Especially, Slater.

How did this happen?

She thought of how she'd been so upset. Slater had gone off to pick Irma up, from somewhere. And it took forever. Jess called. She'd text. Nothing. She was sure something must be happening. But she was at work. Near the end of her shift.

And Clive got the milkshake machine going. He was all grins about it. Naturally, it had taken him a good six hours to fix it. He hadn't done a thing at work. But he'd made her a strawberry milk shake. And he needed a lift home.

It was freezing cold that night. And there they were with the milkshakes in her mother's car.

Jess winced into tears as she thought back on that night. She was the worst person in the world. But Clive was there..for her.

She had a feeling they could have eaten their way through french fries and still found each other.

Now she had a stick pregnancy test in her hand and it revealed the chemistry of the night.

There you have it prt.2

"Oh snap." Clive wouldn't think of saying anything worse, not to Jess, especially when he heard the news. Although, he'd like to hear it one more time because he thought his hearing might be going. "Are you serious?" He said into his old smart phone.

He thought he might collapse, but he knew he needed to stay strong. After all, he was in his room when he got the call. But all he could hear was his heart thumping. He needed to sit down.

"So..what do we do?" No way was he to take charge of the situation. He thought he heard her say not to worry. "I'm with Slater now."

"What?" He jumped up, wincing as if this was a stab, straight to the heart. "You, said you hated him! You... said he was no fun. You said..." He pressed his lips tight. "You two don't even have sex!"

Of course, she didn't like his words. She hung up on him.

No way, could she hide the fact she was having his kid. Especially, when it got here.

He direct dialed her back.

"What are you going to do?" The words echoed in his trashed room. He looked around, thinking he might should clean it.

"I told you!" She shouted back.

"No, you didn't." He bet she got rid of it, as quickly as possible and that left a hole burning in his heart. "You, wouldn't go to abortion place would you?" He passed by it every day. Folks standing outside it, praying with those awful posters of bloody fetuses.

"Clive." She yelped, but he heard his name. She rarely ever said his name. Actually, no one said his name unless he was in trouble. "No, I would not do that."

"Really?" He just didn't understand. She was starting to make his head hurt. She was with Slater now and it was going to be fine.

Well, it wasn't fine with him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave. :/


Sara Gerard said...

Oh jeez, lots of drama today!

Launna said...

Oh my goodness... I hope Jess is honest with Slater ...