Thursday, April 30, 2015

watching life go by

watching life go by

Roman did feel like the odd man out. After all, it was Alo who helped him out about getting him the room at the boarding house.

"Is he going to live here?" Roman winced at the thought of Nora's brother coming back to the states.

"Oh, no." Alo smiled. "Nora's inlaws are looking after him. Well, he's going to this place to rehabilitate first, but we thought it would be good if we all went to the airport to meet them.

Roman nodded, thinking Nora and Joel were the last two who would want to see him.

"I dunno." Roman shook his head, thinking it would be best if he stayed at the boarding house.

"Oh, come on." Alo patted him on the back.

Roman looked up to see Vada. He couldn't help to stare. Naturally, Alo went over and kissed Vada on the lips so sweetly. Soon enough they all climbed into the mini-van. Roman followed and ended up on the side squished next to Vada.

He was silent. She was silent. It was a sad feeling that it had to be this way. He really did want to talk to her. He had so much to say, but this wasn't the time nor place.

It wasn't long until they met up with Grayson's family at the airport.

Suddenly, Roman stood rigid.

Caitlin. And she was with her boyfriend. Obviously. She clung to him, so happyily. It didn't seem real. It was like she'd taken a drug to fix her, and Roman wished he had some to get through this lost day.

Roman sucked in a breath, thinking he obviously didn't belong here with all these happy people.

And then Joel arrived, pushed in his wheel chair by Nora. Of course, Joel was more stoic than usual.

"What's the matter with him?" Roman didn't understand. No one told him that Joel had been in a coma.


Launna said...

Somebody should have told him about Joel... I love seeing that Vada and Alo are happy... it's really sweet xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Roman's about to get quite the earful.


ivy said...

I do feel bad about Roman being left out.