Friday, May 1, 2015

hanging on

Don't Let Go

Nora supposed Joel was getting the best care where he was, but it didn't feel that way to her. It was all so foreign. Perhaps it was her distant mother, but he wasn't getting better.

Oh, they'd argued and her mother fumed over her marriage. Promising her, it wouldn't last, but Nora didn't listen. After all, Grayson called practically every night. She did need him to cheer her up and finally, she and Joel arrived home. Or so she liked to call it.

Naturally, she talked to him nonstop, promised him this was just the beginning of  good things. He would see. She hoped.

And there everyone was to greet them. Even Roman.

Well, she couldn't help to stare as she pushed Joel through the terminal in a wheel chair. Of course, a part of her wasn't sure what to expect. In fact, there were people from the place he was suppose to go.

"But I thought, he'd stay with me, you know, at least, tonight." Although, that would be an undertaking.

The nurse promised her, she could come with them to the facility. It was like a home away from home. And everyone got in their cars and followed as if no one was going to leave Joel completely all to his lonesome.

Nora wondered if it was all wrong. She was expecting a miracle of some kind, but it wasn't going to be today. Still, there were hugs from all around. Vada even took Joel's hand.

"Its good to see you, Joel." At first she was sure he would be his predictable self, but there was a slight acknowledgement that he knew her. His eyes stared for a moment.

Nora didn't know if she wanted to cry or cheer him on.

a little faith

Vada sqeezed his hand once more. She hugged him in the hallway at the doorway to his new room. She couldn't imagine any success ever happening with Joel. Although, plenty of the families there told of worse stories of people in motorcyle accidents and horrific life altering experiences and they were now walking and talking.

This wasn't a nursing home. No, he would be working to walk, to talk, to be vibrant again.

"Just how are they going to do that?" She asked Alo later when they'd said their good-byes and met back at the boarding house for a nice home cooked spaghetti dinner.

"Hopefully, if Nora stays a little longer, that'll help. We'll have to visit. Let him know he's not forgotten." She could see Alo's teary eyes.

"Did you talk to her?" Vada asked as she passed the green salad toward Alo. She stared at Roman, still not sure what to say to him, even now.

"Not really. She hardly knows me. Still, we could all see Joel tomorrow. She'll probably be there. She's probably the best big sister in the world." He smiled, as if everyone needed a big sister like Nora.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Nora has a lot of pressure on her to be the best big sister. :/


Launna said...

I'm glad Joel has people there for him... xox

ivy said...

Nora and Joel are both in difficult situations.

Anonymous said...

I so feel for Nora.