Friday, May 29, 2015

Almost time

Almost Time

Essie was not a superstitious person, but it felt a little sad to her to go with Scott to the train station.

"Well, we're leaving the car there." He reminded her they were saying their vows at two in the afternoon and then heading for Chicago for a honeymoon. It would be impractical to take two cars.

"Maybe..maybe I could go with Garvin and Maggie." Essie wanted to get this right. Scott rolled his eyes at that.

"All right." He gave in and called Garvin. "Change of plans."

A few minutes later, he was off the phone with Garvin. "OK, I'll ride with Garvin. You'll ride with Maggie, we'll all meet at the train station."

"There should be music." Essie knew there was something she'd forgotten.

"Music?" He winced. "Oh no..that place will be busy, as it is. We're getting married in the lobby. I doubt anyone will even notice." They'd gotten the wedding license about a week ago. All was in line to do the right thing.

"But, I could bring my little boombox."

"What boombox?" He looked around their room.

"Its in my room at home." She was in a pout.

"Why are you starting this now?"

As long as she'd known him, he'd been so easy to get along with. Now he was all stressed. She wondered if it had to do with Aidan being his best man. It was as if he hated to ask Aidan to come to the train station.

She bit her bottom lip. They were so close to getting this right. She didn't want to mess it up now.

"OK. I'm sorry I said anything." She fumed, wishing there was music at their wedding.

He clicked into an Enya playlist on SPOTIFY  on his iPhone.

"How about this?" He did know what she liked to listen to on Sunday mornings.

She kissed him as if this wedding was everything she wanted.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I feel as if they're rushing into something they're not ready for. :/