Thursday, May 28, 2015

its settled

its settled

"I can't believe you are doing this." Garvin looked at Maggie as if she'd lost it. Of course, she didn't have the baby in her care quite yet. She was going to gradually get to know Sal's little girl Sophie in the next couple of weeks. They weren't dropping the kid off at her new place which was a little  house in Old Towne, not all that far from his place. In fact he could see it from his back door.

"Don't make it sound like I'm going to Tibet or something." She was busy getting her linens on the new bed she'd purchased. He was helping, ever so clumsy.

She tucked in the sheet and straightened out the floral fabric. He kept staring, wondering if he'd ever sleep here. Of course, he imagined his own bed sheets. They were simple  brown. He couldn't tell you the thread count.

Next came an old quilt. Instantly, the place looked like something from another century. It was quaint and ever so Little House on the Prairie.

"Everything seems so hurried, you know." Garvin did feel the need to spend time with Leo, but when?They never had time to be alone anymore, and he really didn't want to admit it, but he enjoyed his conversations with Leo. Garvin was going to miss that.

"What's wrong?" She looked at him with her fists on her waist. It wasn't until now, he realized she was wearing jeans. She never wore jeans.

"Nothing. I guess." But the sadness stuck to him like a wet noodle. He hated this feeling. This loss. "I just hope everything goes all right for ..for Leo."

"I'm glad he's got Sal." She sighed, and thanked Garvin again, for helping her with the blue curtains. They headed for the kitchen and she reached for some iced tea.

"Yeah." He nodded. It was all going to turn out all right. He knew that. After all, he had Essie's wedding to think about. "You think I should call Scott and Essie, you know, about tomorrow."

"Oh, if you want too." Maggie said she'd never done a wedding at a train station. Garvin guessed there was a first time for everything.


Launna said...

People need to say what they are thinking more instead of leaving it inside... that isn't always good ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It sounds like an interesting spot for a quick reception!


Vanessa Morgan said...

Your writing is so beautiful.

ellie said...

Thank you so much for the really sweet note =)