Wednesday, May 27, 2015

here we are

here we are

"Hold up... Wait a minute." Leo winced hard. "You, want to get married at the train station?"

"Well, you'll be going by train. We can do it, right before you go." Essie told him it was all planned. Although, Leo didn't know about it until the night before his trip.

"I dunno." He hadn't planned to accessories in the feminine persuasion. "What about your other friends?"

"What other friends?" She looked at him as if she didn't have any.

He gave her a perturbed look and texted Vada and Luna about the wedding.
"You, didn't text anyone from church, did you?"

"Should I?" Leo glared at her as if he wasn't sure she was playing by the rules. She was still very mute on the subject of her parents.

"We're not telling them." She warned him, but then she wanted to know about Sal. She didn't talk about Scott or anything else. "Are you sure you're OK with Sal?"

"I guess.." He almost said, "Yes." He hissed as he brought his lean hands on the back of his neck. Of course, the trip was stressing him out. Sal had wanted to go by plane, but Leo thought it best to save a little money and take the train.

Leo pressed his lips tight, thinking of Sal's lips on his. Leo's lips were so chapped. Sal could hardly wait to be alone with Leo. Although, Leo was in no rush. After all, he'd only been with one person. But now he felt catapulted into Sal's life.

"But he's got a baby." It sounded so impractical for her to talk of Sal when here she was expecting a child and not even marrying it's father.

"Its not really his child. Its his twin brother's." Leo explained. By the look on Essie's face, he couldn't leave it at that. "His brother went to jail. He's in a gang. A lifer..and well..they just thought it was best if..if Sal said the baby was his."

"Where's the mother?" Essie winced in concern.

"She's in jail too." Leo sighed, not wanting to say another word about baby Sophie (He guessed she was a baby). All he knew was the fact that Sal loved that little girl. "Look, he really hates leaving her, but its his chance, you know."

Leo sighed. He knew his parents never thought he was collage material. This was his way to make some money and of course, travel. He wasn't so sure about the Reality TV aspect. He was sure he'd be back before they could say his name on the local channel.

"And you're all right with this?" Essie looked at him as if he could change his mind, right now and stay right here, but he didn't want to think about Henry anymore. He was glad he didn't have time for any sorrow of what he might have left behind. After all, Henry never returned his calls. And there was someones else on his mind, too..but he wouldn't dare mention it.

"Yeah." He said ever so quiet. He guessed he'd have to do one last favor for Essie.


Launna said...

I think Leo needs to take some time to figure out what he wants before he jumps into anything... he seems to be waffling...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Leo would do something that made him happy, as opposed to trying to please others.