Tuesday, May 26, 2015

keeping summer on hold

Keeping Summer on Hold

In Fish's mind, it had been a rough couple of weeks. He wasn't sure if he could stand it, but then Shan always came back to him as if he needed to be saved, and only Fish could save him. And maybe he'd been too hard on Shan. At least, Shan was behaving himself. Yet Fish wasn't sure he completely trusted him. But he knew Shan loved him.

Then a funny thing happened. A stranger came to the door. Well, strange to Shan and his mom and little sister, but Uncle Rowdy knew exactly who he was. His son.

"I thought he was a confirmed bachelor." Fish said about the matter when he was alone with Shan.

"Well, he is." Shan didn't doubt that.

"But..but..his son's name is Easy Ryder." Fish looked at Shan blankly as they talked about this in their room.

"Yeah, I should google him. He might be a porn star." Shan almost smiled.

It was really so unexpected. Easy didn't look all that old, even if they found out later he was thirty-five.

"I think his mother's Asian." Ting explained his youthfulness. Fish wished they didn't talk about him so much because Easy nor Rowdy weren't giving them much to go on.

Rowdy hardly spoke to Easy.

"Why are you like this?" Fish finally asked Rowdy one morning when he was getting ready for work and Shan was sleeping in.

"Well, his mother would never let me see him." Rowdy shook the newspaper out as if to clear his mind.


"She was already married. We just let it go, at that." Rowdy didn't frown exactly, but he was, as usual, difficult to read. "She didn't get around to tell him, until his daddy died."

"When was that?" Fish wondered.

"Three weeks ago." The course of action hadn't left Rowdy unsettled, and it didn't look like Easy was going anywhere.


Launna said...

Oh my.... not telling you child about their true father until years later... that's holding a secret...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Definitely a bit of a shocking revelation!


ivy said...

Interesting developments!