Monday, May 25, 2015

it isn't often

Don't Forget

Everything was so timid.

Henry could hardly stand it. He wanted to be alone with Josie.

But she would not have it.

There was company at her house. And it felt like everyone was watching him.

Just what was he, to Josie?

"Well, we've been friends for an awful long time." He was all bright eyed, trying to explain this to Chad, who did seem fond of his phone. Henry had no idea what Chad was doing on the phone, but he could imagine some girl hugging Chad, and Chad would still be in the middle of a text with someone.

"What?" He looked up at Henry.

"Never mind." Henry blurted.

Josie was in the middle of packing, and Henry didn't like the way she was doing it.

"That's not gonna fit." He pointed out.

 She had a world she was packing. Before he knew it, he was unpacking and putting it all back together, piece by piece. Maybe if he did it enough, it would give them some time. Time to be alone. Not stuck with this silly looking faced boy, who needed to go home.

"When are you going back to Chicago?" Henry looked at him.

Chad was staring into his phone.

"Tonight." He said.

Well, that couldn't be soon enough. There was so much he had to say to Josie before she left. He needed to say it..before.. it was too....late.

You & Me

Josie was not going to talk to Henry ever again, but here he was, getting her suitcase packed to perfection. She'd never be able to repack for the trip home. Why was he doing this to her?

She noticed Chad did want to be some place else, not here. That was OK. Perhaps. Still, he wasn't very social-able. Or maybe he was, just not with her. She didn't plan on getting to know him, anyway. After all, her Dad had always wanted a son.

Was she like that? On the phone, all the time texting?

 Maybe she and Henry were just as bad, but they didn't know.

She went to ask her mom about it. Darn, if her mother wasn't texting someone while she was in the kitchen getting lunch together.

Of course, Henry followed. He was inches away from behind her as if she'd trained him rather well, and he put his arms around her as if she knew exactly what he came for. But her mother didn't see, as Josie unclasped his hands from around her waist.

She went to get some tea from the fridge. She poured him a glass.

She talked about her father's wedding in August.

"Are you going to go?" Henry asked as he took a sip.

"I guess. I have too."

"You, don't have too." But with that look, she assumed he was saying something else, even then, she knew he was being just the opposite.

"Yes..I do..." And then she informed him, he wasn't being very gay right now. But it was a quiet argument. One, not even her mother could detect.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I really love Henry and Josie together - I just don't want to see either of them hurt. :/