Monday, May 18, 2015

better this way

Hey Now

Oh...there had been a set back.

Essie had been so happy and carefree the past week, and then they had dinner with her parents.

It ended so quick that it never actually started. She wondered now if her mother had even made a meal. Not that it mattered. They didn't stay long enough.

Yes, she was showing and one bitter comment turned into a threat.

"Essie, doesn't need to hear this!" Scott took Essie's hand and they left before either parent could say another word.

Scott drove for some time. Essie was afraid to ask where they were going.

They ended up at THE CHEESE FACTORY.

"Well, you were expecting dinner, weren't you?" He smiled as if he knew her secret wish. Everytime, she thought of a place she wanted to was always the Cheesecake Factory. She'd never been.

"If its OK with you, I don't think we need to see them, anymore." Scott said, once plates of Essie's soon to be favorite foods arrived.

She nodded. It was true. It had been just Scott and her for a while now. She didn't want to admit that. Now, she wondered if her parents wanted their money. There was a thought about giving the cash back, but in the end.. No, she was going to keep it. It was in a savings. Scott had seen to that and she could put in more when ever she felt like it.

She was light headed as she let it sink in.

"We'll get married."

"I know someone who can marry us." Her eyes were open wide as if she'd found the solution.

" they aren't from that church." Scott winced as if he despised anything about it.

"No, I don't think she goes there anymore." Essie shook her head. She told him Aidan should be his best man, and she'd like Leo to be there too. He could be her bridesmaid. "But we'd have to do it soon. Cause, he's leaving for New York City."

Just call my name

Just when Clive thought he might be getting somewhere with Jess, she'd turn on him. Or so it seemed to him. Why was she sticking with Slater?

"Does he even know about the baby?" Jade asked as they were cleaning up, and she was waiting for her ride.

"I dunno. For sure." Clive shrugged as if it had never occurred to him until now.

"Well, you should ask." Jade told him.

Clive scrunched a frown. Jade was so right. He should.

"But..I don't want to start anything." Clive sucked in a breath. "At this rate, she might act like the whole thing will go away. I bet no one will even suspect she's pregnant."

"Maybe, you're worrying too much." Jade's eyes were big as she looked at him. "You're making yourself sick."

"Well, I can't..just..forget..about it." Clive did feel in limbo.

Jade finally reached over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Look, you've got me, and I'm not going let you go through this alone." She told him.

"Really?" He guessed she was serious, but just how serious could he take a 14 year old who was posing as a 16 year old?

At least, she could give him a ride home when her brother came to pick her up.


Launna said...

I think Essie should slow it down, there is no need to rush... there's time if it's right... xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jade is playing with fire.


Lux G. said...

Patience is a virtue. I hope they learn that earlier.