Sunday, May 17, 2015

here and now

Here and Now

Garvin had to admit it. Brice was right, his mother did look so ill and frail. He wanted some pictures of her now.

He was happy to talk to her, but it was even better to have Maggie to talk to her too. They chatted up about where Brice's mother grew up and Maggie even knew some of the families that Brice's mother knew.

Naturally, Martha was in a pout. She stayed away in the kitchen.

"What is it this time?" Garvin asked when he found her. He was certain Brice didn't need this right now. Actually, he'd become good friends with Brice. They generally e-mailed each other. Sometimes, he would call. Garvin couldn't help to be on Brice's side.

"Why did you bring her?" She sputtered as if Garvin would bring strangers off the street if he took a liking too.

"Maggie?" He winced, as he shook his head. "You, are something else. I just didn't know how bitter you really were, until now."

"What?" Now she looked at him as if he better shut up.

"I like Maggie. I really do." He was serious. "And I like Brice. I honestly do. He loves you. He wants you..with him. He wants to make you happy. He talks about you, all the time. He's kind. Just don't mess this up."

She did look as if she'd swallowed a bitter pill.

"Its hard when people have made a point all their life to keep you unhappy,,because they didn't want to see you happy. Just..just don't do it, to the people you love." He stared at her hard, thinking she might never change her ways. It was something she'd learned. He was pretty sure the look on her face was just like her mother's.

He backed away.

"I want you to be, in at least one picture with Brice and his mother." He knew she might regret it one day if she didn't. "This is a celebration, you know. You, have to make every moment count. So get happy."

He smiled and went back to see if they were ready to take photos.


Launna said...

Martha needs to understand this is not about her... not everything is, she just needs to be there for Brice .....

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad they're all together.