Saturday, May 16, 2015

its gonna be all right


"They hired, you, full time!" Carson was ecstatic.

 He swung Charlie around in his arms. Things were definitely looking up. He'd be starting his training this summer to be a police officer. And now he was helping Mitch and Nico pack up. The apartment would soon be theirs.

He couldn't remember this kind of new happiness in a long time.

"Hey, why don't we get married!" It was a thought out loud. He was sure if he'd thought about it more, he wouldn't have said it, but it was a day like today to say things like that.

"Where? How?' Her eyes lit like he was talking crazy.

"It should be relative easy." He put her down. "You, do want to get married, don't you?"

"Yes." She smiled and her smile made him smile more, maybe even a little goofy.

"OK.'ll happen." He didn't like long engagements.

Of course, Mitch mentioned to them both that if anyone was getting married first, it was he and Nico.

"Well, of course." Carson chuckled. He sighed thinking he did want to be Charlie's husband before he went to police officer training.

even so

Martha hoped her wedding would have been done by now, but they had to wait on the chapel. A part of her thought the ceremony would have been better at the park. Some place outside, but it was Brice's mother that changed everything. At the time Martha went along with it, now she was angry. She didn't like the fact that Brice listened to his mother.

"Oh, God..I'm amazed she even lets us live together." She snapped. Naturally, he hushed her at their dinner at his house.

"Shhh..she doesn't know."

His mother was in the livingroom in her wheelchair listening to the TV. She was legally blind so she couldn't even watch the ice skating program that Brice recorded for her over two months ago.

Was this really what Martha wanted? She wasn't speaking to her own mother. Usually, things were fine with her and Brice. They didn't see his mother all the time.

Just then, the doorbell rang and Brice went to get it. Martha hadn't expected any company. As it was, Brice made ribs in the crockpot and did all the cooking for this little dinner.

It was Garvin with a date.

What was he doing here? Martha's brow furrowed.

He'd brought his cameras. He was going to take some practice shots with Brice and his mother.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things go smoothly today. :/


ivy said...

Hopefully, Martha won't mess this up.

Launna said...

Martha needs to stop being jealous... it will come back to bite her...