Friday, May 15, 2015

its not quite what it seems

Its not quite what it seems

Scott knew this would happen. It just happened sooner than later. To be alone with Audrey.

He'd came over to meet Aidan. They were going golfing. Granted, neither had done any in years. Scott never did know the game exactly. It was Aidan who liked the game, but he really wasn't all that serious. Still, it was something they could do. Something, they used to do.

Of course, Aidan said it was relaxing, but Scott didn't think so. Especially, now. Here at the house with Audrey.

At least there was the baby.

Soon he began to fidget. He just couldn't be still.

"What's the matter?" She asked after she put the baby down. She'd brought him iced tea and even a chicken salad sandwich.

"Nothing." He was solemn as possible.

"Oh, you really think I don't know you!" She snapped, as if he was being childish.

"What do you mean?" He fiddled with the sandwich and slipped out a pickle to eat.

"All right. Lets talk about this." She hugged herself, staring him down in the kitchen where he kept his eyes on the perspiring iced tea. "I know I was your first."

He looked up at her, wishing she hadn't brought that up.

"All right. So... you were." He sighed, about to take a bite of this sandwich, hoping he wouldn't choke.

"I've been reading some of those letters you sent to me." She was  a little too smug for his concern. "I know you thought..thought..I..I.."

"I thought we would always be together." He cut to the chase and swallowed back any emotion, before he got all sappy.

"How? How..just how did you get night..when..when you didn't even..."

He looked at her then, wondering what was she going on about. They'd had sex. Granted, he didn't remember it quite as well as perhaps as he'd thought in that letter. It was a long time ago.

Audrey pointed out that he'd gotten lost in the covers. Nothing, actually happened. It was only in his head.


Launna said...

Well, that would hurt his manhood...I remember this on the Big Bang Theory when Raj and Penny almost did.. at least Raj knew he didn't... ;-)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish he had a better recollection of that night. :/


ivy said...

Honestly, I like the idea that nothing actually happened. Scott comes off as a certain kind of romantic that you don't often find.