Friday, May 22, 2015

maybe I need this

mother to mother

Camille hoped she lived through this.

Open house for Josie and Graduation from High School. Josie's father was here with a new girlfriend. Naturally, she was glad to be away even for a few minutes to Henry's house.

She talked to Henry's Mom when she brought over a casserole.

"I thought Josie would have been there." His mother mentioned. Henry's mom pointed out how close they'd been lately. Inseparable.

"Oh, her father came in for the graduation and brought along his girlfriend and her family." Camille sighed as if she were OK with it, but there was a lot going on for Josie.

Honestly, Camille didn't think she'd have this much company.  It was a little strange, and yet her ex hadn't changed much. He was still expecting to be waited on, but she'd left them to their own devices. She really didn't have time to entertain.

"Of course." Henry's mother pressed her lips tight, but Camille could see Josie must have let down Henry.

They chatted a bit about graduation. Henry wasn't up for a party. It was going to be very low-key. Henry's family would go out to dinner.

"Maybe, he'll feel up to going to a party. Maybe..he..and Josie..."

Camille hoped Josie would be there for Henry, who wasn't stuck on bed rest. In fact, he was going to work the day of graduation, in the afternoon.

right on track

"Are you sure, you're up for work?" Vada looked at Henry who was going through his closet, looking for his summer clothes. He'd found the pale chinos he couldn't live without.  She actually thought he was  a little hyper.

"Yeah." Henry looked at her a bit bitter. It was as if graduation was already over. He didn't have time to think about it. He'd be at work by one. "You know, they need me."

"I think you need to rest. Don't you need time to..uh..get used to this you." Vada sounded as if she was talking about cyborg ware.

"Oh, its nothing. I keep a magnet in my pocket. I feel a seizure coming on..then I swipe it..and I'm good to go." He said ever so quickly about his epilepsy. "Besides, I feel my best when I'm at the library."

He sounded as if he had it all solved.

a little thing like Sophie

Leo didn't know about the baby.

Suddenly, it was as if he were in the middle of something. Maybe Sal wasn't going with him to New York, after all.

Oddly, his parents had been open about his trip. They were happy for him. Sal too. They did like Sal. They thought he was the best thing to happen to Leo.

"I just thought my grandmother would..would keep her." Sal looked so let down. "I guess that was asking for too much." After all, they'd be gone for the next 3 months or so.

"Who knows, we might be back in a couple of weeks." Leo sighed wondering if his Mom could do it, but he hated to ask.

So he went to Maggie first. After all, she was packing up. She'd found her own place. Garvin was over to help her move.

"I doubt you could do it, but..."

Well, he let Sal do the talking.

Yes, he had a daughter and she was three years old, and he loved  Sophie very much, but taking her to New York would be just too much.

"It wouldn't be forever. I mean, once I figure this out..We could be together." Sal didn't mean to impose.

"Oh." By Maggie's look, Leo was afraid that was a NO, but she looked over at Leo. "Maybe..maybe we need to meet first."

possible changes

"Are you serious?" Garvin looked at Maggie as if this was crazy. "You're moving into your own place. Now, with a baby?"

"I didn't say yes." She looked at him as if he were jumping ahead.

"Oh, but you will." He knew her even if they only went on their little roadtrips on the weekends.  Always congenial and happy to listen to what he might have to say about this eatery or that apple orchard. "You can't say no."

"It won't be forever." She shrugged with her slim fingers in the back pockets of her jeans.

He'd never seen her in jeans before. It was like she was not the girl he knew who wore old dresses and vintage shoes.

"All right." He sighed, and in the next breath he said he would help her.

"OK, we'll see about that." But she reminded him he'd be busy with weddings. Even graduations.


Launna said...

I wish Josie would be there for Henry...

I think Maggie helping out is pretty awesome of her...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

So many changes are on the way.