Thursday, May 21, 2015

trying for tomorrow

trying for tomorrow

Henry wished his mind wasn't like this. He couldn't figure this out, soon enough.

Maybe, it was best if Josie did stay mad at him. A part of him believed he wasn't good for anyone.

It was true, he made everyone miserable. Especially, himself.

It was hard to see where the future might take him, but he knew he needed to get a handle on his life, first.

At least, he still had his job.

He tried to think back on the fantasy of being in Paris, all on his own. He'd meet someone exotic and his life would be so amazing. Yet, it felt like a selfish endeavor. But the truth was, he was selfish. Even with Josie.

It gave him a sick feeling inside. The idea of having a life with Josie.

What was wrong with him?

Well, he didn't have long to think about it. The bright room went dim and music was playing, as they wheeled him into surgery. He thought for a second he was in the wrong place and then they put him out of his misery and went to work on making his life better. He guessed.

But he couldn't imagine it better. Not without Josie. Henry was pretty sure she was done with him.

When he got back to his hospital room, there was his brother, his father and his mom. No Josie.

He thought he was going to be sick. She wasn't here. She was suppose to be here. But he knew he had to learn the instructions to this new apparatus that was going to make life so normal. Only Henry didn't know what normal was. He wasn't sure he liked normal, anyway.


Launna said...

Awe... I hoped Josie would be there for Henry... :-(

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Henry. He's so conflicted right now. :/