Monday, May 11, 2015

When in doubt, make something

when in doubt..make something

"Are you, OK?" Henry was worried about Josie.

He'd done a little searching while at the library and saw that Rossie had a library card. She already had her name changed and Derrick was in her household. The apartment was within walking distance so he walked over after he saw the photo of the baby on his iPhone when his shift was over..

"Yeah," Josie winced as if he didn't need to be here, but he'd wanted to hold the baby. He acted as if Josie needed to take a break.

"I haven't even been here that long." She was a bit moody, but Henry didn't call her on it. He smiled at the baby in his arms. The baby was looking at him as if he was rather interesting.

It was a happy feeling. Before he knew it, he was talking to the baby, yet trying to explain to Josie that he knew a lot about babies. He was an uncle, after all.

He spent plenty of time with Aidan and Audrey and their baby Eastan.

"Is that the strangest name ever?" He was hyper, full of questions. He wasn't going to go there about Aidan and Audrey never asking him to babysit. Well, he knew the answer to that. Although, it hurt to realize how they were actually afraid for him to be around the baby because of his epilipsy.

His heart grew restless, but he didn't want to hand the infant back. Not just yet.

"She's so perfect." He was in awe of her head of dark hair. So much of it.  "I wonder why they named her Aasha?"

"I actually thought they named her Asia, at first." Josie shrugged with a smirk. "When mom first told me her name..I was people are naming their kids after countries now." She almost chuckled. "I'm thinking, Rossie's grand-father was of Indian decent by way of Trinidad." Josie said her mom mentioned it.

"Oh. That's cool." Henry nodded, liking the idea of carrying ones roots from generation to generation. "Where's Derrick?" Suddenly, he hoped Derrick didn't walk in and get all smug.

"He went to bed." Josie told him.

"Seriously?" Henry squinted as if Derrick was just being as terrible as usual.

"He needed some real sleep." Josie kept her voice low, as if they needed to be quiet.

" long are you going to be here?" Henry didn't like the thought of her being with the baby for hours on end.

"I dunno, a couple of hours. I guess." She looked at him as if he was being the one impossible.

"I can hangout." Henry was in. As long as it would take. "Maybe, I could order some food."

"No. you're not." She eyed him as if they were here to babysit. Not eat.

"OK. But..I bet I could make something." He was anxious to keep busy. Although, he wanted to help with Aasha, too.

"I guess, that would be good." She took the baby from him. "Just..don't burn it."

"You, don't even know what I'm going to make." He looked at her as if she truly did doubt his cooking skills.

He got up to checkout the fridge. At least he found the ingredients he needed to make homemade mac n' cheese.


Launna said...

Poor Henry... no one trusts him... I hope there is something to help his epilepsy ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cooking will definitely put his mind elsewhere for a bit.