Thursday, June 4, 2015

Low and behold

Low & Behold

Carson was caught off guard. His mother showing up. The least he could do was give his room at the boarding house to her. He'd hoped he'd shut her up enough and she'd forget all about Gage. After all, she said she came because of his engagement. She made it sound as if she was here for him.

Well, of course, he didn't trust her. He could hardly talk to her. There were his studies and of course, Charlie.

It was mind boggling. Moving. Making house with Charlie and being there for Charlie's daughter where Mitch and Nico used to live.

He didn't even want to start about all his trials and tribulations with her. Not even with Charlie, and yet here he was being all kind with "Yes, Momma.." Like some kind of robot.

His mother Clare could get the best of him with one stare.

Just one of the reasons he needed to stay away from her.

But it wasn't long until his Dad and Gage found him. Naturally, his father was not pleased with the fact that she was here.

"Did you know she would come?" His father squinted and Gage was even lipped, hugging himself with Macy right there next to him.

"No. I didn't." It was such a headache.

"You, never said you even talk to her." His dad snapped.

"Yes. I..I can't help it." He glared back at his Dad.

Clare was his mother. He'd always been there in the thick of it with her. Old boyfriends to fight, to save her from. He'd been through so much with her. He couldn't count the times he thought she'd died on him. Then there were the times, he thought he'd died, himself, from all the domestic problems. "I'm sorry."

"You know, she found Gage, don't you?" His father glared back as if that was the worst thing that had ever happened.

Gage only sighed. "Dad, it wasn't that bad." Gage pressed his lips tight as their dad looked over his shoulder with concern for Gage's mental health.

"OK. So..she..she's been thinking about him...." Carson thought he might have a melt down. He was in the middle of making some great changes in his life and now this had to happen.

"Why! Why didn't you say something!" Now his Dad was furious.

"Because! Because  I didn't think it meant anything!" He didn't really listen to her, anyway. She had the same old crap happening to her. A new boyfriend with a new little problem and how she was coping and how she still needed him. "Neither, of you ... have to deal with her. All right?"

Carson couldn't think of his Dad wanting to see his mother Clare.

"Well..she's my Mom too!" Gage yelped.

Carson glared at him thinking this was a fine time for Gage to come to her defense. He finally told them where she was staying, at the Boarding house.

high and low

Jen's mother Rita was at her wits end. She had been for the last few weeks. The police were doing nothing to look for Carly.

She'd made an uproar about it down at the local station. No way could anyone settle her down. Not even Cooper.

"Where could she be?" It began. Didn't anyone care?

She and Cooper along with Jen would check her local hangouts daily. Cooper was sure she might be at the park by the river.

"She always liked to ride her bike there." They even looked up in the trees. According to Cooper, Carly was quite the climber.

"Well, she used to be." He shrugged and she told him they couldn't leave any stone unturned. Rita wanted to find Carly.

There was also the somber shadow of Carly's mother Loretta. Rita wanted to be ready for that. She wanted to take a restraining order out on her, but since nothing had actually happened, nobody listened.

When she thought of Loretta now, she thought of a hurricane that might not be anymore than a hot wind. But she knew Loretta must have hurt Carly long before now.

Why hadn't she done something before? Carly's mother was neglectful and full of rage. Rita decided Loretta must be bi-polar and she guessed there was no way they could be off her radar. Rita could only hop they would be ready for her, if and when Loretta came knocking.


Launna said...

I hope Carly is okay...

I think Carson knows his mother better than anyone else.. I do believe people can change but she hasn't seemed to...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Loretta sounds like a scary character.


ivy said...

Oh, I feel for Carson. I hope Carly is OK.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Beautiful words and collages :-)