Friday, June 5, 2015

Twinkles & Ram Rod

Twinkles and Ram Rod

God, he was just breath taking. Bree couldn't help it. She smiled from ear to ear when she was around Easy. And it was all right if he called her Twinkles.

"You remind me of a border collie I used to have." He told her he was a sheep sharer once. She couldn't possibly think of Easy doing such work. He looked like a surfer to her. Maybe a life guard.

He thought she was funny when she mentioned that. He was so tanned. Or was he naturally that way?He lit a cigarette out on the porch.

Just then Connor arrived on the steps.

"About time you got here, Ram Rod." Easy stared at Connor.

"What?" Connor looked hurt that somebody would call him that.

"Its just your nick name." Bree smiled. "He calls me Twinkles."

"Yeah, you and Twinkles up for some fishing?" Easy looked him over.

"I dunno." Connor looked at Easy. "I guess."

"With that kind of attitude, how can you possibly catch anything?"  Easy winced. He motioned them to come to the garage where he got the fishing poles and tackle box.

"How long are you staying?" Bree wanted to know while Easy was putting everything in her Uncle's rusty pickup truck.

"As long as Rowdy can put up with me, I guess." He didn't sound like it would be forever, but Bree hoped he was here all summer.

"So? What do you do?" Connor wanted to know on their drive to the pond. Rowdy warned Easy not to go to the river because sometimes, folks could fall in the river and never get out.

"Oh, I dunno. I used to drive a truck. But I'm not much for long cross country drives. A little of this ..a little of that." Easy shrugged.

"Did you ever go to college?" Bree wanted to know.

"Uh, huh..for a little while." He was straight lipped about it.

"Do you even like Uncle Rowdy?" Bree couldn't help to ask.

"Sure I like Rowdy." Easy left it at that. After all, it was the fishing expedition he was ready to tend too.

He got everyone to the spot he thought would be best.

"Now, what you're gonna get out there about waist deep and start casting." He informed them.

Of course, he didn't have his shirt on and he'd lit a cigarette.

Naturally, Bree nor Connor didn't know how to cast a fishing pole.

Easy just shook his head and chuckled. Next thing he did was help them both get familiar with the rod and reel and the feel of the line.

He didn't have live bait.

"Now, try not to hook each other." He had the looers in place. He told them how he got hooked in the head once. He had to have stitches.

Soon enough they were out in the water. It was so peaceful and serene. If only Uncle Rowdy knew Easy like they did.


Launna said...

I can see how Easy got his nick name... I hope he stays the Summer xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Easy is such a laid-back guy - I hope he sticks around.