Saturday, June 6, 2015

what can a best friend do

Henry & Fish

"Well, how did it all turn out?" Fish wanted to know as he leaned against the library counter, staring at Henry who looked like he'd just lost the only best friend he ever had.

"I don't even... want to talk about it." His voice was dull as he checked his clean fingernails. After all, he was all proper. Still not in the best mood. He didn't smile. He didn't even offer a hello to anyone.

"I'm sure she'll call you, or something." Fish sighed thinking they could move on. Shouldn't he be peeved that Henry got fulltime, and he didn't?

It didn't matter, Fish kept telling himself, even if Shan kept coaxing him to speak up. Talk to someone at the library about this. Fish would be a better choice. He should have been the first choice. Although, Fish didn't want to be at the library for the rest of his life and a part of him felt sorry that Henry was stuck here.

Hadn't he wanted to go study in Paris, or something about fashion? Such a pity.

"I doubt it. She different." Henry winced.

"Have you heard from Leo?" Fish wanted to know. He fiddled around with something on a shelf under the counter to look as if he were productive, even if it might have been make-believe.

"Now why would I hear from him?" Henry snapped.

"He's going to New York City." Fish shrugged as if maybe he meant to make Henry mad, all along. Maybe, he did have an issue with Henry getting this job.

Fish gritted. Wondering if Henry actually thought of anyone, but just himself..even when he was thinking of Josie.

Clive & Carly

Clive wasn't sure what he could do for Carly, other than feed her a botched order that some guy wouldn't eat from the drive through. She ate it, without any hesitation.

Of course, he was all. "Hey, glad you stopped by.." But he could soon see she looked a little shaky in that ragged ribbed tank she was wearing and the cutoffs didn't do much for this cold start of June.

Naturally, she didn't tell him anything.

"You and Jen breakup?"

She only shrugged. Finally, she confessed her throat was raw. She was fighting a cold. And that's when he decided he'd take her home with him.

It was as if the stars were right that night. Jade wasn't there to tell him what a bad idea it would be. His parents were already asleep. And Carly said she'd be just fine in the treehouse next to his window.

Clive hadn't been up in that tree since seventh grade.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad Carly has him to lean on right now.


Launna said...

Clive is a good friend giving Carly a place to stay when she is in need...