Sunday, June 7, 2015

bad beginnings

Bad Beginnings prt.1

Josie thought she was going to be sick. She felt that way for a good two hours before she actually threw up in the bathroom of the airplane.

She was light headed and numb. A thousand things were going through her head, and it all came back to Henry.

Why did she leave him? Why was she so mean?

She was ticked off about him being high at Prom. That really set her on fire. Like a rage of some kind. She wanted to punch him in the face, but she wanted to put out the fire in her anger. Josie went for the silent treatment. Perhaps she'd learned it well, all these years, from her father. But now, she felt she didn't really know how to express herself.

 Ugly words were on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to tell Henry he wasn't quite as fantastic as he thought he was. As if she'd had plenty of lovers in her time. Maybe she had. But he didn't need to know that. He didn't need to know. Anything.

They were done.

Then came the motive, it wasn't anything, their three weeks of passion. She winced..was it just three weeks? It felt a lot longer. So much was on her mind about him.

But then came the threat.. while she was away..she could imagine him finding someone who could make his life a whole lot better than she could.

Why did she have to think of the word BETTER?

Now she had cold chills. Just her luck she'd be sick the entire time she was visiting Halie. Probably wouldn't even be able to hold the baby.

She didn't have the energy for this. When she got up from her airplane seat, she feared her knees would buckle. Josie hurried back to the tiny bathroom and threw up. Then had to sit on the toilet hoping she didn't soil herself entirely.

Her eyes were full of hot tears.

She was sick.

And who would be waiting for her at the terminal when she got there?


bad beginnings prt.2

"Where is everyone?" Her question only made Ian smile.

"Well, we thought it best, just to meet everyone at THE BLACK CAT." He guessed she didn't realize how much further it would be. Another two hours.

"How have, you, been?" Ian looked her over.

 She looked just as pale as he remembered. She was thinner. He grabbed her bags and they walked to the park garage where his little economy car waited.

"Oh, you know, not bad." She sighed, but she looked tired.

"Maybe a cup cuppa would help?" He looked back at her, wishing she could go a little faster.

"What?" She squinted as if he was being a prankster of some sort.


"Oh." She sighed and said they should just go. But the walk got longer.

"You're not feeling well?"

"I'm fine." But he knew better.

Finally, they got to the car and he loaded up. He offered her the backseat. There were a few travel pillows.

"Maybe it you rested."

"Yeah, that might not be a bad idea." Her eyes fluttered.

So she got situated and he drove on, but it wasn't long, that he detected the tummy troubles. Ian nursed his bottom lip. He wondered if she'd enjoy any of this trip.

bad beginnings prt.3

Damn, if Nolan didn't show up where Irma worked. She was busy showing the new girl around at work. Funny, how Irma hadn't been at the fast food place that long and now she was training someone else. Actually, someone who would be taking her place, like tomorrow.

She was definitely ready to go to Kansas City with Holden. For the first time she was with a real friend. Not some guy trying to take care of everything in her life.

But wasn't Nolan the love of her life?

There was a time, she would have claimed he was her everything. Sure, he was the full package and who wouldn't want a man like him by her side.

It made her sick  now to think of him as HER MAN.

Honestly, he had no idea what he was doing. And she knew it wasn't his fault. Exactly. But still, he was just a boy. Maybe he'd be that way for the rest of his life.

She let Carly take his order. She stood by her side to make sure Carly went through all the procedures  on the cash register and customer service.

"When do you get off?" He asked as if Irma better make it quick. She knew that impatience glare.

"Not for a while." Irma put him off. No way did she want to even talk to him. But she didn't want to start anything here. Maybe she would just slip away while he ate his fries and burgers.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Josie. I wish that things between her and Henry wouldn't have ended on such a bad note.


Launna said...

I wish Josie hadn't pushed Henry away... I think she needs to talk to him... xox ♡