Monday, June 8, 2015

is it really happening

Back at the Black Cat

Jama had to admit she didn't exactly like the idea of her husband Ian picking up his high school girlfriend at the airport, but somebody had to do it.

"I dunno if having this party for her was such a good idea." Ian called from his cell. At least he wasn't driving and talking on his mobile. He pulled off the side of the road so Josie could get a breath of fresh air.

"Its not a party." She groaned. There were no decorations, just a few of them here at the pub, ready for some drinks and crisps.

"You know, what I mean. She's..she's sick." Ian told her.

"How sick?" Jama winced.

"Where are they?" Halie noticed.

"Half way here. It might be a while." Jama put her cell away and went to get Halie another juice. She could see by the look on Halie's face that she didn't like the delay. "She might not be up for ..any of this. Sometimes, traveling can take the best of you, dearie."

Halie pressed her lips tight. Dustin took the little one from her.

"So whats the plan... on that other American bloke coming?" Jama asked

"Gage?" Halie glared at her. "I thought he was staying with you and Ian."

"Right." Jama hated the miserable thought of having to have a guest at their place. "So you still wanting Alec to sleep over, on occasion?"

"I don't want it..." Halie's soured face said it all. This Gage was a bitter pill, It wasn't easy being in a good mood for any of it. The father of Halie's baby was coming for a visit.

Besides, Jama's lower back had hurt ever since her cousin told her the news. Dustin would have a little brother by Christmas. Marnie and Marco planned a little getaway after a small send off at the pub. Jama supposed it would be a real marriage then.

So many plans. Jama was beginning to think there would be problems with all of it, by the looks of things.

don't stop believe'n

Holden guessed it was better sooner than later. But he didn't think Irma would be practically shaking when he found her in his room in the basement.

" did you get in?" Maybe he really didn't want to know.

There was no one home. Luna was out with her boyfriend who had finally found his own place. Holden's step-mom was at work and so was his dad.

"What's wrong?"

"I..I do want to go with you." She told him.

"Yeah, tomorrow."

She hugged him as if she'd never let him go.

"You, need to tell me, what's going on?" He set her down on his messy bed. He hadn't exactly cleaned up the place, even if he was moving. A part of him vowed that he would not be so messy when he had a place of his own.

"Oh, God...I dunno where to begin." She covered her eyes. "Nolan's here. He..he's some one..who..who..I did think..I was in love with..but..but..its not really like that... at all." She started to cry. "Its he...he says I owe him."

"What do you owe him?" Holden wanted to know. Then his brow furrowed as he shook his head. "You, don't owe him, anything."

"I dunno." She gasped. "Maybe..maybe I do. But..I never asked him..for anything." She shook her head. "I mean, I guess, he took care of things. But he never bought me new clothes. And the places we stayed, didn't even have heat, sometimes. Not even a working bathroom."

Holden hated to know of her living in such miserable conditions.

"Try not to think about him, OK?" He put his arm around her. He didn't want to let her out of his sight. He didn't care how much his father might complain. They'd be gone tomorrow if only they could get through tonight.


Launna said...

I hope Holden protects Irma... seriously she doesn't owe anyone...

Ian's wife needs to learn to trust or admit how she's feeling ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

One night feels like eternity given the situation. :/