Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The trip

Scott & Essie

"It wasn't you." Those three little words gave Scott a lot to think on, on their trip to Chicago on Amtreck.

It was quite silent. And he hated how rushed it all became. The quicky wedding at the train station. Leo being late. Garvin showing up so last minute. Were there pieces to this puzzle he was suppose to connect?

He'd thought too much about it already. As soon as they got  to the hotel in the heart of Chicago, Essie flung herself on the bed and laid there as if she didn't want to go anywhere.

She swelled a frown so, that Scott knew he better think quick or this might be the end instead of the beginning of their marriage.

"What do you want to do first?"

"I dunno." She sighed as if this was the worst day of her life.

"We could, just walk around." He shrugged. "How about ice cream?"

She said her feet were swelling and she was tired.

Scott got up the courage to check out her feet. At first, he wanted to tell her it wasn't bad, but it was.

"Maybe, we could wait until tomorrow." Of course, it was daylight out, even if it were late in the evening. He nixed the idea of ice cream now. "How about a fruit salad?"

With that soured look, he knew that was not on her list of things to eat.

"OK, lets go get pizza."

She kind of smiled.

"And ice cream." He smiled, thinking she truly was a child bride with child.

Leo & Sal

Leo was very good at giving Sal the silent treatment. Actually, he just shut down, as if he might save his battery life. After all, he was pissed with someone. Someone..who was suppose to save him from this enviable day, but he didn't.

Still, Leo was pretty sure he had Garvin feeling plenty of mixed emotions. It was not completely lost. Still, he wanted more. He wanted Garvin to make a proclamation of some sort.

Like, he had feelings for Leo too. REAL FEELINGS.

At the moment, he wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. Well, he knew he'd have too, but not anytime soon.

Yes, he gave Sal a nasty scare. Sal even shook him. No response. Then some old woman in the next seat over (on the train), got on to Sal for being mean to his girlfriend.

Leo almost laughed, but he didn't.

They were about to send for someone, but Leo cracked and eye open and told the old woman to mind her own business. Leo was alive with a potty mouth included, for about 30 seconds.

"What is wrong with you?" Sal looked at Leo hard. "You know, you're not exactly you, at the moment."

"Oh." Leo had forgot about the wig and being SHE instead of HE. But he wasn't exactly in a full blown mode model, but yes he might have looked like the angst teen princess who hated everyone.

"Look, I thought, you, couldn't wait to go?" Sal was serious.

Leo hugged himself with a deep sigh.

"I know I'm gonna hate it." He missed his room already. He'd had that room as long as he could remember. And he wanted to stay in it. Now he had to meet new people. Crowds of people, in fact.

"We could be there already, if you weren't afraid of air travel." Sal told him.

"Well, I'm not in any hurry." Leo looked at Sal wide eyed.

"I just don't get it." Sal looked hurt.

"I can't have everything planned out, like you do." Leo fretted.

"Do you even want to be here?" Sal asked the lingering question. "With me?"

Leo didn't have an answer for him. He looked out the window of the traveling Amtrek car. He felt so numb. Afraid. If only Garvin were here.

Irma & Holden

Irma still couldn't be certain that Nolan wasn't following them.

But she knew Holden's dad didn't let him off easy. What in the world was he doing with this girl? Was this all her fault.... why he was leaving?

Holden stood his ground. Told him he worried too much. After all, he had a job waiting for him in Kansas City. One of the reasons why he was leaving so soon. And he'd found a place a couple of weeks ago on a solo trip.

It was a two bedroom apartment.

"You'll have your own room." He reminded her. Of course, it wasn't furnished. No beds. But Holden brought sleeping bags. At least he had a few days before he started working at the grocery store.

"But what if I don't want my own room." She brought up the fact that she didn't mind sleeping with him.

"Believe me, you'll want your own bed." He told her. "Who knows, how classes are gonna to be."

"For you." She was still struggling to study for her GED. She hated to tell him she was behind.

"No. Look, you need your own space. And I want you to feel comfortable." He reminded her half the battle of getting through an education was getting enough rest.

"But I thought you.." Hadn't he saved her from somebody?

"I care about you." He sighed. "Its just, we'll see how it goes. I mean. I don't want you to feel obligated..about..anything. I just want the best for you. And..and that might not be me."

Suddenly, her throat felt raw. She thought she might cry, but she couldn't let him know. She couldn't.

Irma did feel he was the best thing that ever happened to her. She looked out the window of his old black sedan. It might have been bright and sunny out, but it felt like rain in her head. This was the last thing she wanted to hear from Holden.


Launna said...

Irma should listen to Holden and slow down... there is time for them if it's right...

Leo should be honest with Sal.
. He deserves to know the truth...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Irma and Holden would stop overthinking things and just let nature take its course.


ivy said...

I hope Irma and Holden can make it. I'm glad he's there for her.