Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Did they or Didn't they?

There's something about Henry

"What are you trying to tell me?" Aidan's brow furrowed. This was all he needed, a big conversation with Henry after one of the worst weddings ever.

He felt really bad for Scott. What in the world were they thinking? It was loud at the train station, and they were in the middle of it, gathered to gather for what looked like a fiasco. Of course, it was only he and Audrey to witness it..but still.

"I'm just worried, that's all." Henry wasn't smiling. He hadn't heard from Josie. "What if..what if..I never hear from her again?"

"What did, you, do..this time?" Aidan looked at his brother wondering what he'd missed.

If only Scott would talk to him. Then to find out from Audrey how she knew things about Scott that he didn't know.

Aidan didn't know Scott never knew his father, how his mother died of ovarian cancer when she was young. He honestly wished Scott could have talked to him, and now it was hard to decipher just what Henry was getting at.

"Are you in love with her or something?" Aidan winced.

"I think so." He first said, then he tensed even more. "Yes." with a hiss as if he didn't like the idea, totally.

"Wow." Aidan said in a small voice as if this was so not the Henry..he knew.

"You know, the seizures have not gone away." Henry sighed as if his life was on rewind and repeat, daily.

"Does Mom know?" Aidan didn't know how he could actually help.

"No." Henry sighed, then looked up at Aidan. "Do you KNOW how awful it is.. to see her in tears. about me, about what she has to put up with. I don't want it to happen. I mean, this..this..thing..was suppose to help..but it hasn't done a damn thing for me." Now Henry was mad. Mostly at himself.

About then Audrey called them to dinner.

" this ..this..thing with Josie. Did..did you actually..." Aidan stammered to ask about the details. His brother had always been adamant that he was gay.

"Yes." Henry snapped. "More than once. A lot of times, actually."

Aidan guessed Henry was talking about more than just kissing.

"Oh." Aidan still couldn't imagine it. His gay brother with a girl. He just wouldn't say another word.

Summer at last

Kenny hoped everyone thought he and Jen did get back together. Actually, they never were, but it was something he'd heard at school before, and then it was out ..JEN IS A LESBIAN.

But somehow, he got in good with her the last week or so of school. She couldn't find Carly.

He listened quite diligently and drove her around from one neighborhood to the next, looking high and low for a runaway. They even went to North O.

Jen was all shook up and teary eyed. She felt to blame.

"I should have gone after her." She said she tried, but it was dark and maybe Carly should have been on the track team, all along. She was evidently quick on her feet.

"I'm just glad you didn't runaway, too." He would have been worried because he knew Jen wouldn't make it out there.

He at least got a cuddle out of the situation, but in the end he knew he was only a big brother to her.

Besides, he was leaving on a bus with Syreeta, and he knew he wouldn't get anywhere with her.

It felt like an awful long trip. He knew he could have gotten there quicker by car, but his Dad didn't trust him all on his own. No way would Syreeta go with him.

Sure, he could have been lifeguarding at the pool this summer, checking out the new crop of Freshman girls, but he had to think of college now. If only Jen could be thinking of him right now. Only in his dreams.

at the library

Jude was in a funk. He hoped no one saw him on the night of the fund raiser of the library. It wasn't that big of thing. He thought back now. The whole event was pretty low-key. After all, Sky and Sam sang at the library.

He had to remind himself.

1. there weren't that many people.
2. not even a young adult  (a teen still in high school) in the building. (And he's the YA librarian)

Of course, it was a surprise to see who showed up with Cassie.

"What's HE doing here?" He'd pulled her away from the punch bowl and the coffee to the breakroom. He was loading more cookies on a plate and so was she.

"Preston?" She looked at him as if... what was Jude's problem.

Jude gave her a dead stare as if she knew very well what this meant.

OK, so maybe she didn't know about last summer when he and his then girlfriend's brother did more than fish on a camping trip on the Elkhorn. It seemed so rustic and getting back to nature, at the time. It was..perhaps... interesting what would be in their nature. After all, Preston was in fiance at the bank.

Oh, just one more reason he wasn't with somebody now. Is this what depressed Jude? The two of them. Together.

Well, of course, he wasn't going to say a word to Preston.

That was a likely story about Preston finding a dog for Cassie. How could he? Oh, Jude was steamed and ever so restless.

This was not what he was looking for at a library fund raiser.

But he was so sick of Sam and Sky and all that ooey-gooey gush of romance in the air. He just wanted to say now..he'd let it go.

The Men's restroom was the only place to get away from Sam's heart-wrenching cry from FROZEN's LET IT GO.

Now he wondered where all of this was actually going? Was he a sinner or a saint?

Preston & Jude

1. where did we meet?
PRESTON: It might have been a party. Its been so long ago, I can't really remember. Well, I can. I believe it was actually a club. (Preston is ever so serious and the corners of his lips turn up and he can't be serious) But then..later..It was my sister who introduced us. My sister's boyfriend. (Now he's even lipped as if he's not proud of this fact at all.)
JUDE: It was mutual. We were, you know, friends. (He's rather quiet about this fact)

2. what was our first date?
PRESTON: Oh, God..I haven't FOREVER. (He exaggerates) And I wouldn't call our camping trip a date. I was actually, just testing him. And he failed...MISERABLY. (His grin is open and he slightly laughs) Anyway, I waited a tremendously long time for him to call me. And then he never did. But at least, that was THE END of him and my sister. And..I'm glad for that. Of course, she isn't really herself. I mean, she doesn't know. About us. And really, I wasn't sure there would be an US..until..recently.
JUDE: (Jude blows a breath and he won't look directly at Preston. He looks as if he's done with this interview)

3. where was our first kiss and how was it?
PRESTON: Well, I kissed him on the dance floor my Freshman year in college ( Preston looks at him with his arms crossed.) He kissed me you know..we were made for each other...then he tells me the next day, he was drunk. Didn't remember a thing. Then we made up for it on the camping trip. was it Jude? (He puts him on the spot)
JUDE: (Jude looks at him out of the corner of his eye, bites bottom lip) Um..well..I just can't help myself. Not..not when he's around. (Preston grins as if he's about to let the cat out of the bag or spoil it with some secret, yet he seems satisfied that Jude has come clean on the subject THEM as a couple)

4. did u know that i was the one
PRESTON: Evidently, I must have (He looks over at Jude with this revelation, but Jude looks away). I haven't hooked up with anyone out there. And God knows, I've had plenty of offers (Preston is ever so serious). Not, when I wonder..if..if you're really OK. Is..this all my fault? I want us to make it right. And I know I haven't, because of my sister. But now that they haven't gotten back together in so long. I think its time. I want to move on. and I want to move on with Jude.
JUDE: (Jude presses his lips tight. Then he sighs) I'm pretty sure someone might have seen us. Recently. (He bites his bottom lip, but he doesn't have an answer for Preston)


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

He can be such a cynic sometimes. Love is in the air...I only wish he could find love of his own.


ivy said...

I think I love Preston already!

Launna said...

I really hope Josie finds out that Henry cares a lot for her...

Kenny needs to let Jen go, unless she states she wants differently...