Thursday, June 11, 2015

Positively..all wrong

if not today

"Well, you know..I could have been in your wedding..and we could have had it right here." Audrey told Essie over the phone while Scott was in the shower. They'd spent the last few days in Chicago site seeing and on the lake. Essie couldn't call home.

"Its over and done with." She knew the quick wedding floundered, but here they were in downtown Chicago. It was a Honeymoon and she hated this mood she was in. She knew how Audrey felt about Scott. Still, it didn't settle too well with Essie.

Why couldn't Scott tell her about his family?

"We can still have a reception at our house, when you get back." Audrey told her.

"All right." She knew she needed to give in, not give up. She looked at her belly. There was still a long way to go, even if it  were a couple of months.

It wasn't until now that she realized how travel could take a toll on her. She wasn't nearly as wise as she claimed to be.  And it didn't help that her friends didn't turn up.

She thought of Bree now. Thinking, she'd been a role model to Bree, just last summer. Still, she had a feeling Bree would have came to her wedding...if she'd known.

Essie felt as if she was lost, but usually in her dreams, she was at least in a field of daisies with sun flowers in the distant. Now, she wasn't so sure, anymore.

If only she hadn't had her heart set on Leo being there. She didn't want to stay mad at him, but she knew she'd never talk to him, again.

Positively All Wrong

Well, they were lost in New York City. Leo suggested a map, but Sal was on his phone.

"Good news, someone is going to pick us up for the show." Sal was all smiles.

"Oh." Leo didn't want to go. He would rather stay in the masses, than go to some reality show.

Of course, he'd left a dozen or so messages for Garvin, who hadn't taken a one of them. His Mom called, but Leo didn't answer it. Next his Dad called. He couldn't answer. And then his sister.

He felt as if he was being taken to the slaughter. Before he knew it, a black SUV showed up. Some sleek male held up a sign with their names on it.

" you know..that's..who..."

Oh, it didn't matter...Sal took hold of Leo and they moved forward. Leo felt faint. Someone gave him a water.

Of course, a script was given to him. The words melted. He couldn't even read what to do. They didn't know it, but Leo wasn't going to do anything they wanted him to do.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Leo doesn't blow his chances!


Launna said...

I think Essie needs to stand up for herself a bit and take care of herself and the baby xox