Friday, June 12, 2015


You and Me

Halie thought Josie looked dreadful.

She was so skinny.

Actually, Halie wanted to be skinny, but that was beside the point at the moment.

Her house guest was rather listless.

Halie brought her tea and toast.

"Are you feeling better?" Halie wanted to know.

"Oh, lots." Josie managed a smile.

"I know the last month was really hard on you. Graduation and all. And we didn't catch up as much as I thought we would, you know. And everything..all right?" Halie wanted to know.

"Yes. I'm fine. Everything is fine. I'm..I'm just the worst traveler in the world, that's all." Josie looked bright eyed now. Not like a wilted flower.

"I'm sure, you have a lot on your mind. Have you decided what to do?"

"About what?" Josie bit into the buttered toast.

"You know, are you going away to University?"

"I'll take a few classes from home." Josie was even lipped.

"Won't that be boring?" Halie was at least moving an hour or so away from home. But it was different, she had Alec to look after and Dustin, too. "I mean, after all, its..its like a brand new world..for you. An education..anywhere." Halie smiled as if she loved the idea of that.

Just a bad dream

Josie couldn't even wrap head around about what Halie was getting at.

She'd just had the most horrible nightmare of her life, and it actually wasn't very nice.

She'd dreamed of Gage.

Oh, how could she?

It felt so real, even if it was about being on a wagon trail. It seemed everyone there wanted to leave her for the vultures, except Gage, who was her only hope. And with that head of hair, going everywhere, he looked down on her and said. "Well, I guess I'm all you got."

"Where's Henry!" She was so mad. Not caring if anyone thought she was a mad woman or a witch.

"He's gone off to be mountain man." Gage smirked. "Seems, he wasn't manly enough for you."

Of course, she'd tried to get away, but he'd gripped her wrists so tight. Josie swore when she awoke there were marks on her arms, but she guessed she'd done it herself.

Honestly, she was too dizzy to even get out of bed, but here was Halie in reality, looking at her as if Josie might be a little off.

Josie didn't believe she was a little off.

"Its just..jet..lag..that's all." Of course, she didn't even remember meeting Dustin last night. She hadn't even listened to Ian.

She still shook the thought she'd ever known him. He was so different now.

She wanted to fall back on her pillow in a deep sleep, but she was afraid Gage might show up, again.

"Did you talk to Gage?" Halie asked now.

"What?" Josie looked at her a little bug eyed. "Why? Why would I talk to him?"

"I dunno. I just wanted to know how he was." Halie shrugged.

"Well, doesn't he talk to you? SnapChat. Facetime?" Josie looked at her as if she would know what was going on with him.

"Usually, mum talks to him with Alec." Halie said it was hard for her to do those live chats. "Mum, gets along with his dad. I think she might have crush. I dunno. It makes me bitter, you know. And I know Gage can't help it, but I can't be nice to him. I don't want to be."

"But..but what will you do? When he gets here?" Josie wanted to know as she steadied the cup of milked tea, sweetened to perfection. Yes, she felt better already.

"Hand Alec over to him. Gage will be staying with Ian. I guess they'll make sure Alec is OK."

Josie nodded. Still wondering why she would ever have a dream about Gage. Still, in the back of her head, she hoped Henry didn't go away.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an ominous dream... :/


Launna said...

I am glad that Josie doesn't want Henry to go away... I am thinking she might be pregnant and has no idea yet...