Saturday, June 13, 2015

It just so happens

it just so happens

Gage wanted to do this on his own, without his Dad butting in, He knew his Dad would just make it worse, even if he promised he wouldn't. Gage brought his mom a basket of goodies, soaps and lotions, even some wash clothes.

She was staying in Carson's room at the boarding house, and Gage showed up during one of her smoke breaks.

"I had a feeling you might be doing that." He looked at her as if he wanted her to quit, but he wouldn't dare say it. She put out the cigarette.

"Well, no place lets you smoke inside, anymore." She informed him.

"Lot of places don't like you smoking outside, either." He handed over the basket.

"What's this?" She looked at him as if she wasn't one for getting gifts.

"I dunno, I thought I'd give you something before it all goes wrong, I guess." He almost smiled.

"I take it, you've been talking to your Dad." She put her hands in her back pocket. He held the basket up to her. She finally took it.

"Still, not sure its a good idea, you two.."

"What? Have a yelling match?" She slyly smirked.

"Yeah. Probably." He grabbed his cell from his back pocket. "I guess I better show you this, since I didn't get around to it, last time."

He showed her a picture of baby Alec.

"Oh my." She looked at the bareheaded baby.

"So, guess.. you wouldn't mind, being called grandma?"

She only smiled more.

"Where is he?"

"About that." Gage sighed. "I gotta go all the way to England to see him."

"England?" She looked at him as if he better explain this one.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gage definitely has a lot of explaining to do!


ivy said...

Well, it must be exciting to find out the news...though.

Launna said...

It's too bad he is so far away from his child... I hope he makes a conscious effort to stay close someway... children need their fathers xox