Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer in the city

Summer Lov'n

Roman didn't know he'd be in charge when it came to the Farmer's market. Especially, when it came to working at Oliver's. He worked there during the week and on Saturday he went to the farmer's market. Honestly, he needed a full load of help.

It started out with Angie, and it was just too much. Then she got Sawyer to help. And Roman thought maybe that would be enough. Yet, folks kept coming for Oliver's scones and other treats. So now he had Bree and Connor to help out too.

Of course, everyone looked to him for the answer to everything. It was a struggle once with getting the cash register hooked up in the tent, but he'd managed OK with the electrical end of it. Thankfully, he knew that sort of technical aspect of it, from his work in theater. And yes, it felt like a production every Saturday.

Everyone wore T-shirts advertising Oliver's bakery. Before he knew it, they were making money off selling the shirts in cherry red. Of course, he had to teach everyone what to say to the customers. How to be friendly enough, and get the product to them quick, as well as the few coins they needed to deal in the exchange.

Just the 2 of Us

As of yet, Angie still hadn't gone out with Roman. Maybe he never meant it. Wasn't that how it always went?

She new she was happy with Sawyer. As it was, he got on at the movie theater and he liked the fact of spending Saturday mornings with her.

Actually, she felt closer to him now, and she knew she wouldn't give that up.

Of course, there was the guilt that wore on. And she questioned herself, mostly late at night, would she have left Sawyer for Roman?

Well, she wasn't giving Roman a chance now.

Besides, her summer was busy. She had Abel to babysit through the week, even Saturday nights because that's when Sawyer worked, but he usually got the two of them in for a free late matinee. Even Abel was giving him the thumbs up these days.

Yes, dating someone from the movie theater had its perks. A part of her thought maybe Sawyer made her a better person.


Launna said...

I hope Angie is choosing Sawyer because she loves him and because she thinks she can't have Roman ♡ xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I don't want to see Sawyer get his heart broken. :/